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[NEWS] 12.11.19 Super Junior’s Leeteuk shows off new hairstyles in a pictorial

A pictorial of Super Junior’s Leeteuk was recently released.

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[NEWS] 12.11.13 Super Junior’s Leeteuk becomes a troop commander

Super Junior’s Leeteuk has become a leader in the army.

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[NEWS] 12.11.13 Super Junior’s Leeteuk and his family appear on Kang Shim Jang

Super Junior’s Leeteuk will appear on SBS TV’s Kang Shim Jang as a guest with his family.

On November 13, the production team of Kang Shim Jang reported that Leeteuk’s family will appear on the special episode for Leeteuk of the show.

The episode was shot before Leeteuk entered the boot camp. Leeteuk’s mother and sister Park In Young will appear on the episode.

This is the second time for Park to appear on the show. She surprises everyone with her energetic dance performance.

According to reports, after Park’s performance, Leeteuk’s mother got laughs by saying, “It wasn’t perfect, but she did better than the last time.”

TVXQ, Kim Se Ah, Im Sung Min, and Super Junior’s Siwon will also appear on the episode as guests.

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[NEWS]12.11.02 Leeteuk and Sangchu snap a photo with fellow soldiers



Leeteuk and Sangchu snapped a photo with their fellow soldiers.

On November 2nd, a photo of the two celebrities with their fellow army recruits was posted onto the 306th Army Reserve Internet Cafe. The two of them are smiling brightly at the camera, dressed in their army uniform. Leeteuk and the few other recruits have their arms stretched out to the camera, imitating Super Junior‘s greeting pose.

Both Leeteuk and Sangchu will be serving 21 months of service after basic training.

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[NEWS]12.10.31 Super Junior’s Yesung and Leeteuk in a friendly pose


Super Junior’s Yesung recently released a picture of himself with Leeteuk.

On October 30, Yesung uploaded a picture on his Twitter account with the comment, “Distinctive white Leeteuk.”

In the picture, Yesung and Leeteuk are dressed in white and staring at the camera in a friendly pose. Yesung’s blond hair and Leeteuk’s black hair contrast sharply.

People responded: “Go, Leeteuk!” “I guess Yesung already misses Leeteuk.” “What are the things on their shoulders?”

Leeteuk entered a boot camp on October 30 at 2:00 p.m. He will receive basic military training for five weeks and start his military service.

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[VID/NEWS]121030 Super Junior at Leeteuk’s Enlistment [3 Vids]

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[PIC]12.10.30 Leeteuk with Park In Young (Sister) [1P]

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