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[Weibo/Trans]12.10.24 Hangeng Weibo Updates


The MTV EMAs is a recognition that singers all around the world hope for,
thank you to all the fans who are voting for me;
the result can only be revealed at the very last moment,
I know all the determination and effort (you have put in) for such a long time!
I love you all

Source: Han Geng’s Weibo  posted by sltan ; Translated by: abcdehs @ shared here by

[Vid]11.09.22 Han Geng at RCTI show ‘Dahsyat’ – Indonesia


110424 Hangeng Weibo Update

13:43 GMT (14:43 KST)

Hahaha, you really became skinnier, and lost a lot of weight, but also the most important thing is that you turned bad! Hahaha!

@郑希怡:活动上碰到他!你变壮了,看来最近挺努力的。放心,你”吩咐”我的事情,我会尽力去完成的!  @韩庚
@Yumiko Cheng: Bumped into him in an event! You became stronger, looks like you’ve been working hard lately. Don’t worry, (about) the thing that you have “asked” me to do, I’ll do my best to complete it!  @Han Geng

13:59 GMT (14:59 KST)

你是向后的,你站在中间就完美了呵呵! //@张峻宁:贱人们你俩发型还挺对称!哈哈哈!
You’re going backwards, if you’re standing in the middle then it’ll be perfect hehe! // @Zhang Jun Ning: Wretched people* your hairstyles really match each others’! Hahaha!

* This is meant as a joke

Source: Han Geng’s Weibo
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET

[UPDATE] HanGeng’s, never ending story


It has been hard on everyone! This is the result of everyone’s hard work! Let’s all continue doing our best! Hehe!

@乐华娱乐杜华:再过五小时就要离开台北了,小巨蛋、@韩庚 获得了全球流行金榜20大金曲「say no」、年度最佳新人、新加坡电台年度金曲「 my logo」三个奖项,奖项是对艺人这一年来辛苦付出的肯定,同样也是对他幕后团队的认可,加油@slhg @晓萍 @mgl @王岩 还有这张专辑的制作人们…..
@Yuehua Entertainment Du Hua:Have to leave Taipei in 5 hours’ time, (at the) Taipei Arena、@Han Geng won three awards at the Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards (including the) Top 20 Golden Songs (for) 「say no」、Best Newcomer of the Year、(and the) Singapore Radio 1003 Golden Melody Award* (for) 「 my logo」, an award is a form of recognition for the hard work that an artist has sacrificed for the past year, and at the same time it is also a form of approval for his team behind the scenes, keep going @slhg @Xiao Ping @mgl @Wang Yan and also the producers of this album…..

* “My Logo” had the highest number of dedications on the radio.

16:57 GMT+8


Let’s have a family portrait!

Conversation with Du Hua:

@Du Hua: 这全家咋没俺阿!俺不干了,生气鸟!勒个去!
Why does this family portrait not have me! I’m quitting, am angry (at you)! Coerce me!

Han Geng: 是你让我把你照片都删了,所以没有你的照片了,回去记住要补拍!
You were the one who allowed me to delete all of your photos, so there are no longer photos of you left, remember to retake them when you get back!

00:44 GMT+8, 11:22 GMT+8

Source: Han Geng’s Weibo
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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