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[PIC] Heechul at Baptoolseu (밥톨’S)

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[Vid] SBS GAYO DAEJUN 29.12.09

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[PICS] Leeteuk for SPAO

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[NEWS] Leeteuk, Eunhyuk & Boom to get “Rookie award” at 2009 SBS Entertaiment award


Super Junior Leeteuk & Eunhyuk and Boom together have got the “Rookie award” in the “Variety show” category at 2009 SBS Entertainment award which was held at 8.50PM on December 30th.

When accepting their award, Leeteuk & Eunhyuk who are regular guests on “Strong heart” & “Star King” said “We will work more hard to bring a lot of laughter to everybody in 2010” and showed that they enjoyed the award.

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[NEWS]Shindong got “Rookie Award” radio category at 2009 MBC Drama award

Super Junior Shindong has got “Best male rookie award” of radio category at 2009 MBC Drama award which was held at 9.55PM on December 30th with “Shindong & Kim Shinyoung’s simsim tapa”.

Shindong’s “Shindong & Kim Shinyoung’s simsim tapa” has got the best record of listeners. When accepting the award, Shindong said “I love Super Junior’s members who always work hard even in the difficult situations very much. I want to say thanks to the producer who gave me the chance to be a DJ for the first time of my life and Kim Shinyoung nuna who always beside me and has become one of my leg. I want to do <Shindong & Kim Shinyoung’s simsim tapa> for 100 years”

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[NEWS] SM Entertainment Denies Henry Going Solo

Sohu Korean news: Last week, after the news about Hangeng wanting to terminate his contract with his company, the fact that whether SJ-M will continue their activities in China had became the media’s main focus. Before that, a news published that “Henry felt unfair for Hangeng” and “Henry going solo”. About this, SM company called Sohu Korean entertainment to release a statement that they did not go through any interview. The following is the full statement from SM :

One: About the news that Henry felt unfair for Hangeng, our company would like to clarify that when we reached the place to perform, we did not receive any sort of interviews. The organizers, Guangdong Weishi and Dongguan TV station did not give us any arrangement for any interviews so therefore, this news is not true.

Two: About the news dated 23rd December 2009 by Guangzhou’s Xinkuaibao (Henry going solo and was paid 50k to perform) and 24th December 2009 by Yangcheng Wanbao, the truth is: Super Junior-M’s Korean members are slated to perform at a countdown concert in Korea and it was confirmed months ago. Thus, the organizers on our side has always stated: “Super Junior-M will not attend the activity as a group but instead, the only artistes that are attending are Zhang Liyin and Henry.” And Henry is attending this activity to sing “love me” with Zhang Liyin as a performing guest.

Three: Our company, S.M.Entertainment’s official statement: The previous articles, together with articles that states that “it(the news) has created a bad impact between S.M company’s artistes and has caused misunderstandings between the artistes” or any reports that are fake has violated the “Internet announcement requirement”(?) and the “Internet information service idea”(?) laws. If the media releases any news that has not been confirmed in the future, S.M would not hesitate to take legal measures to the related parties that wrote the news.

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[Update] Yesung’s Cyworld Photo 30.12.09

(I hope that) Year 2009 will end well and…

Happy New Year ^^

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