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[NEWS]12.10.26 Super Junior wins the 2012 Style Icon Awards



Super Junior recently chose openness and passion for their key to success. The super group won a 2012 Style Icon award.

“We have been creating pop culture materials since we debuted. This icon award means so much to us. It gives us such passion. We’ll pay you back with great passion,” the energetic group said at a conference, following the 2012 Style Icon Awards, held in the CJ E&M Center.

The group added: “It looks like the key to our achievement is openness and passion. We think that those seem to have entertained our fans.”

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[PICS]12.04.10 Xtep 10th Anniversary Award Ceremony in Xiamen – Hangeng [9P]

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[NEWS]12.01.19 Super Junior members are ‘Super Gentlemen’ at the Seoul Music Awards

Super Junior turned into Super Gentlemen at the Seoul Music Awards.

At the 21st annual Seoul Music Awards that were held at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium on January 19th, singer Baek Ji Young stepped forward to receive her award, grabbing her dress as she walked up. However, her dress was too long and she nearly tripped over the long train of the dress. Super Junior members Eunhyuk and Shindong who saw this immediately ran towards her, grabbed the train of her dress and escorted her towards the front. The other celebrities on set found their actions adorably thoughtful, and while others exploded in laughter, Baek Ji Young could not hide her embarrassment and gave a bashful smile.

MC Tak Jaehoon who saw their chivalrous manners remarked, “This is such a rare and precious moment. It’s so good to see junior singers taking care of their sunbaes,” and gave a proud smile.

The award ceremony was hosted by Tak Jaehoon, Shin Hyun Jun, and miss A‘s Suzy.

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[NEWS]12.01.20 Super Junior snaps ecstatic pictures with their ‘Seoul Music Awards’ trophies

On January 19th, Super Junior walked away with several trophies, two from the 21st Seoul Music Awards (and four from the allkpop awards, which were supposed to be revealed by us next week ><). The boys immediately hopped onto Twitter to share the ecstatic moment with fans!

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk wrote, “It’s the Daesang!!!^^ Thank You!!!!! So Happy!!! Our members!! Thank you for trusting this hyung and sticking together!!! Let’s go forever!!!! With ELFs too!!! Daebak!! But I drank half a glass of champagne at the reception and my face is red, ha. How unclassy haha”.

Donghae (who shared the photo above) cheered, “Seoul Music’s Daesang!!!! Super Junior Daesang!! Grand Slam!! Suju is going!! Thank U”.

Meanwhile, Siwon mused, ”We thankfully won six awards today~^^ I want to thank [you all] again and say how much I love you. I want to hug each and every member.. Let’s keep on walking (this life) together^^.

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[NEWS]12.01.20 Super Junior wins the grand prize at Seoul Music Awards

In the early morning of January 20, Super Junior’s leader singer Leeteuk tweeted a photo with the comment: “We won the grand prize! I’m really happy about that. I want to express sincere thanks to the other members who know what friendship is. We’ll always be together. Also thank all of you guys.”

Shindong and and Yesung as well posted photos with the comment: “At the Seoul Music Awards, we won the honorable grand prize. Tears flow…!! I’m on top of the world!!!! Ah!!!” “What a honorable prize! I want to express my deep thanks to you. I’m dying of happiness.” The photo shows they are holding the trophy with a happy smile.

Donghae also expressed his gratitude to fans by saying, “Super Junior won the prize! Grand slam!!! Go, Super Junior! Thank U!”

Fans who saw the comments and photos left a chain of congratulatory remarks: “My heart congratulations!” “You won two prizes today! You must be happy!” “Please keep on running forward together.”

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[NEWS]12.01.12 Super Junior express their gratitude for fans, after winning ‘Golden Disk Award’

It is a celebration time for Super Junior and their fans because former has got rewarded with four trophies and a medal on ‘2012 Golden Disk Award’.

Super Junior member express their exhilaration and acknowledge their fans in their tweets. “Super Junior won four awards at ‘Golden Disk’ ELF you are the best, Thank you. We’ll work harder” Donghae tweeted and shared a photo of members holding four trophies. Yesung posted a picture with the trophies and wrote, “ELF all over the world who has given this gift, thank you and I love you.

Leeteuk also acknowledge fans in these words, “Finally we did it! The award that everyone have made it to give us happiness as a gift. Always thank you and sorry we’re really happy. Most 4 gold medals in the history of Golden!Every E.L.F who worked hard to vote, love our album and have made memories with us . We love you”

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[NEWS]12.01.12 Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, “Mom, I won a championship!”

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk recently released a picture and expressed his feelings about the Grand Prize that he received at the ‘Golden Disk Awards.’

On January 11, Eunhyuk tweeted a picture with the comment, “Mom! I won a championship. Yeah? I should call the Elf (Super Junior’s fan club). Eat the prizes one, two, three, and four times.”

In the picture, Eunhyuk is opening his eyes wide and expressing his delight. He is holding trophies and showing off the dignity from wining four prizes.

People responded: “Congratulate Eunhuyk for winning four prizes.” “Your facial expression is so cute.” “It would have been better if you won the prizes in Korea.”

Super Junior attended the ’26th Golden Disk Awards,’ which was held on January 11 at 6:30 p.m. in Osaka, Japan. They won the Popularity Award, MSN Japan Prize, Main Prize, and the Grand Prize.

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[PICS] 12.01.11 Super Junior with GDA Awards [7P]



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