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[NEWS]12.11.27 Super Junior’s Eunhyuk is consoled by Shin Dong Yeob


Host Shin Dong Yeob of KBS 2TV’s Hellorecently consoled Super Junior’s Eunhyuk for having a hard time after a picture of himself and IU was released by mistake.

On the 100th episode of the show, which aired on November 26, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Shindong, and Sungmin appeared as guests and listened to people’s worries.

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[NEWS]27.11.12 Super Junior’s Eunhyuk says, “I’m afraid of people’s attention”


Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, who recently had a hard time because of the picture of himself with IU, said he’s afraid of people’s attention.

On the episode of KBS 2TV’s Hello that aired on November 26 at 11:20 p.m., Super Junior’s Shindong, Sungmin, and Eunhyuk appeared as guests and listened to viewers’ worries.

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[NEWS] 12.11.26 Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Sungmin freak out over fermented skate


Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Sungmin freaked out over a fermented skate while recording a TV show.

The special 100th episode of KBS’s Hello, which will air on November 26, will introduce more interesting stories than ever.

One of them is from a wife worrying about her husband enjoying fermented skate. Some people love fermented skate but some people dislike the food.

Eunhyuk, who appeared on the show as a guest, saw the food and said, “I don’t like fish that much.” Sungmin also expressed disapproval of the food. Lee Young Ja, an MC for the show, asked them to taste the food and it made them run away.

Shindong, however, enjoyed the food even though he said that he has never had it before. The show was recorded with the audience in happy atmosphere celebrating the 100th episodes.

Super Junior will reveal their ideal scent of women on the show, which will air at 11:15 p.m.

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[NEWS] 12.11.24 Super Junior’s Eunhyuk daunts veteran emcee Kang Ho Dong―”Do you want to be kicked out of the agency?”

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk recently daunted veteran emcee Kang Ho Dong, which made every laugh hard.

On the episode of SBS’s Star King that aired on November 24, Eunhyuk expressed how determined he was about appearing in the show after such a long while.

The Super Junior member also jokingly said: “I’ll particularly do my best for this show today because this show is host by Ho Dong, who is senior to me in my agency, SM Town. I’ll make sure Kang does a good job and the show is enjoyable.”

Then the host made himself look embarrassed, and Eunhyuk quipped: “Do you want to be kicked out of the agency?” Kang shot back, trying to earn some brownie points: “You know, I really admire you and I’m going to do as I’m told to do.”

Top emcee Kang Ho Dong recently came back to a show business after signing up with SM Entertainment.

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[PICS] 12.11.17 Tous Les Jours Twitter Update – Eunhyuk [4P]


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[NEWS] 12.11.20 Would Son Dam Bi have broader shoulders than Super Junior’s Eunhyuk?

Singer Son Dam bi and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk were recently spotted measuring their shoulder width to find out which one of them has broader shoulders.

In a recent shooting for Strong Heart, Son created a stir as she stated, “I think I have broader shoulders than Eunhyuk.” People at the studio got up and began to measure their shoulder width to find out the truth.

Son has been swimming for over nine years and Eunhyuk who used to be called as “anchovy” claimed to have worked out for a while. People become more curious about their shoulder widths, and you can check out the results at 11:15 p.m. on November 20.

The episode will be featured as “Ondol male and female,” and the guests are Son Dam Bi, Park Kwang Hyun, So Yi Hyun, Oh Seung Eun, Shinsadong-Tiger, Park Se Young, ZE:A’s Hwang Kwang Hee, and NU’EST’s Ren.

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[NEWS]12.11.16 Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Yesung show off their intimate friendship

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk updated his status.

On the afternoon of November 16, Super Junior’s Yesung uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “A surprise visit from the handsome young brother Eunhyuk. It’s my turn next time.”

In the picture, Eunhyuk visited the coffee shop that Yesung’s parents are in charge of and showed off his friendship. Eunhyuk is holding up the coffee vibrator and smiling brightly.

Netizens commented: “It’s good to see that you are all so friendly.” “I’m relieved that Eunhyuk seems to be fine.” “Yesung will soon be visiting the bakery right?” “So cute.” “What is Yesung holding?”

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[NEWS]12.11.15 Super Junior – M shows how dorky they are for Bonrich!


Super Junior – M, one of the popular sub-groups of international Korean boy group Super Junior, are endorsing Bonrich Biscuits. A BTS footage of Super Junior – M has been revealed wherein the boys are in the middle of their photoshoot for the endorsement. The boys fully showed their adorable and dorky side by having fun and fooling around. You can watch the cuteness below!

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