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[YOUNGSTREET] 03.06.11 & 07.06.11



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[NEWS] Heechul, dumped by his celebrity girlfriend

Kim Heechul, dumped by his celebrity girlfriend: what happened?

On the episode of SBS’s Strong Heart aired on June 6, Kim Heechul confessed about his previous relationships.

Kim Heechul confessed, “Like many misunderstand, I had girlfriends in the past. I may disappoint you, but I had a girlfriend even after my debut. Actually, my girlfriend was a celebrity.”

“But I always got dumped. My ex-girlfriend dumped saying, ‘Do you really love me?’ ,” added Kim Heechul. Lee Young Ah, Kim Heechul’s best friend explained, “Heechul is a good guy as a friend, but he doesn’t know what to do with his girlfriend.”

Kim Heechul said, “I’m always shy around my girlfriend and if she gets mad at me I just kiss her. And I spend long time picking a present, but when delivering it, I tend to throw it to her.” His dating style received boos and jeers from the actresses on the show.

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[NEWS] Chic Selca with Kim Heechul, Simon D, Young

Super Junior Kim Heechul revealed a photo that showed strong friendship.

On 22nd, Kim Heechul tweeted “At Youngyoung and Simon D’s house. Not even kidding, like this, I think I will forever live, hanging out with guys and strengthening the friendship. Youngyoung met some cruel brother to be hanging out with guys all day.” and uploaded a picture.

Kim Heechul is making a chic expression while resting his arms on Beast’s Yoon Joonhyung’s and Supreme Team’s Simon D’s shoulders. Yoon Joonhyung and Simon D also made expressions like those of pictorials. Especially, Kim Heechul’s ‘Sponge Bob’ character socks drew attention.

Netizens said “He really looks kind” “Simon D has a girlfriend. If everybody got a girlfriend, would that still be true?” “Sponge Bob socks are daebak”.

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[NEWS] Heechul’s won best looking cross dressing


You voted for MTV K’s top 10 cross-dressing idols and the tallies are in. Super Junior‘s Heechul took #1! Was it his milky skin, his perfect Lady Gaga impersonation or all those photoshopped pictures of him in dresses saturating Google Images?
It’s nice to know MTV K readers agreed with the original results for once though! The fan voted results didn’t differ much this time around with SHINee in second place and G-Dragon in third.

Check out the results below!
1. Super Junior’s Heechul
2. SHINee
3. Big Bang’s G-Dragon
4. JYJ’s Jaejoong
5. U-Kiss’ Kevin
6. Infinite’s Sung Jong
7. FT Island’s Seunghyun
8. F.Cuz’s Lee U
9. 2AM’s Jokwon
10. Teen Top

source: MTVK

[UPDATE]110409 Heechul tweet trans

걸스데이 – 반짝반짝
김희철의 영스트릿 게스트임
오늘 나옴. 나 걸스데이랑 친함
아씨 왜케 손이 떨려ㅡㅡ
Girl’s Day – Banjjak Banjjak (Twinkle Twinkle)
(They’re) Kim Heechul’s Youngstreet’s guests
(They) will appear today. I’m close with Girl’s Day
Asshi why is my hand shaking like this ㅡㅡ

오 달마시안의 대니엘~
지수도 찍었는데 너무 흔들려서 못올리겠음
주말에 해외를 안나가니 매주 정수랑 집에서 TV질
Oh Dalmatian’s Daniel~
Also took a photo of Jisu but because it’s really shaky so (I’m) not uploading it
Since we did not go overseas during the weekends every week (I would) sit in front of the TV with Jungsoo at home

인피니트 – 나띵쓰오벌
우리 성규다 성규야!!
알아볼 순 없지만 성규임ㅋㅋ
성종인 못찍었음ㅡㅡ
Infinite – Nothing’s Over
It’s our Sunggyu, Sunggyu!!
Can’t really recognise him (from the photo) but it’s Sunggyu keke
I didn’t take a photo of Sungjongㅡㅡ

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[NEWS]Kim Heechul gets embarrassed by Kim Ja Ok 090411

Actress Kim Ja Ok recently gave a dose of embarrassment to Kim Heechul!

During MBC’s “The Night the Memories Shine Bright”, aired on April 7th, the original princess, Kim Ja Ok, and the original grandmother, Kim Soo Mi, showed off their witty conversations. However, at the beginning of the broadcast, Kim Ja Ok shocked the panel.

Kim Ja Ok stated, “It’s good to see Ryu Shi Won, Lee Kyung Shil, and Lee Hong Ryul again.” However, Kim Ja Ok could not remember Kim Heechul, who was sitting next to Lee Hong Ryul.

In the end, everyone had to tell her that he was Kim Heechul. Upon hearing that, Kim Ja Ok nodded and laughed. However, Kim Heechul’s embarrassment did not end there.

After being reminded of Kim Heechul’s name, Kim Ha Ok asked, “Who are you? Are you a singer?” Kim Heechul panicked and mumbled, “I am a multi-talented artist…”, and made everyone laugh.

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[Update] Kim Heechul’s entry on Fansites 01.01.10


Just because it seems like petals like photos
There’s also photos taken when Hongki was at my house yesterday but oh well, this is more

Ah.. Crap.. I’m 28
(Swearing as soon as you came here, you’re good)

Firstly, Happy New Year ㅋㅋ
I’m leaving messages here and there..
What’s my password for yuri9doo ㅡㅡㆀ

Anyway, even though it’s words that’s always used by everyone
To realise big dreams in 2010 as well
I’ll return to acheive my original dream of being an actor too
Everyone let’s take it this way, behave well in school, listen well to your parents, don’t eat sweet stuffs and such..

In this new year, you guys as well as me too, let’s find a lover ㅠㅠ

Ah, frustrating~
Just go Kiseki* to take a look ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

* Ah, I’ll take back those words about finding a lover ^-^
Queueing up and making a scene(-┏)

This bunch needs to be slapped in turns continuously


* Kiseki – His fancafe.
* From his own asterik onwards, I srsly don’t know what he was trying to say, almost pulling my hair off trying to decipher it with carol ㅡㅡ^

& Just for info, written on the polaroid at the top is ‘Loving You Ten Million Times’ and also ‘Really delicious, Babtol’s ♥’
And go to Lee Junghyun nuna and ask for autograph?



Heenim | Happy New Year ㅋ There’s a lot of nuna fans here so I have to be careful with my words ㅋㅋ Other than in dramas, I’m not able to show you my real image! I’ll be leaving lot’s of writings in my personal café ㅋㅋ


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[Update] Heechul’s fancafe 01.01.10

First I’d like to wish everyone Happy New Year, hehe.

It’s already 2010… Time passes by quickly…
We debuted in 2005… Wow…
When I think of when we were so young and immature,
charging into a drama with Kibum when we both didn’t know much ^-^
After I got the script I had to go through it tens of times, practicing together, causing havoc together…

Looks like I completed Rainbow Romance with Kibum hehe
After becoming more knowledgeable I naturally wanted to improve my acting skills
This way my impromptu performance skills have improved quite a bit hehe

And then there was “Bad Family” hehe
Dances, joint performances, MC, DJ, TV dramas, sitcoms…
This was when I was the most impulsive and sensitive hehe
Even now I still have random meetings with “Bad Family” cast members

And then there was “Golden Bride”
My character had a personality very similar to mine, and so in the later scenes I could actually feel the conflict and sadness…
While reading the script I cried a lot, while filming I cried a lot too…
Filming even had to stop one time because I cried too much…
Really, I have lots of tears too…

“Thousand Times I Love You”
Because of my initial dream of being an actor I cherish this work ^-^
Up until now I’ve been able to devote myself completely to my works, I feel blessed hehe
Because before I was too busy, I had to film after only reading through my script once
Now it’s twice, three times… up to ten times and more, so I can fully throw myself into filming

In this time I’ve really competed many fine works!

What are my Petals’ wishes for this year? My personal dream?

“Oppa, please get rich~”

These things I’ll see to myself. I was asking about your wishes hehe

I’m 28 year old.
28 isn’t young right ^-^

Before, everyday I would do lots of bad things
I should always be beautiful, never get old, I always thought I was Peter Pan hehe
I thought that I’d be Cinderella forever ^-^

You never really know with life, just like how right now everything is unknown

From some point on, time starts to pass naturally
For example, there’s more time to ponder things
For example, there’s more time spent on looking in the mirror, looking outside the window and reliving memories

The new year just started and I wrote a lot of depressing words ^-^

Okay! Finally I shall organize my main point…

My beautiful Petals who have praised me and followed me
Let’s bloom in the next year as well



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