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[PIC]12.10.30 Leeteuk with Park In Young (Sister) [1P]

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[NEWS/Twitter]12.06.18 Super Junior Leeteuk’s black-and-white photo attracts attention

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk showed his extraordinary charm in a black-and-white photo through Twitter.

On June 17th, Leeteuk attached the above photo and wrote, “Always be grateful and happy.. ^^“.

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[NEWS/twitter]12.06.17 Super Junior’s Siwon introduces his… son?

Choi Siwon of Super Junior just posted a photo on Twitter introducing his son, immediately drawing attention from the singer’s fans worldwide immediately.

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[PICS]12.03.11 Heechul from Gun Hee’s Twitter [2P]

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[NEWS]12.03.08 Super Junior’s Yesung warns his Twitter hacker

On March 6th, Super Junior’s Yesung sent a short but succinct message to his Twitter hacker, with a tweet that read, “Please.” This was meant to ask the hacker(s) to respect his privacy and to stop posting on his account.

However, the hacker did not listen to Yesung’s polite plea, and instead posted up a picture of the singer himself via the Korean Twitter feed twtkr. On March 7th, Yesung wrote a stern and direct tweet to the hacker and revealed the true meaning behind his short comment, letting everyone know of the serious situation with his account, saying “Stop hacking already, before I really get angry.”

Internet hacking has certainly taken over many Kpop idols’ accounts and although it is illegal, hackers still are infiltrating them. Some stars have disabled and closed their accounts over hacking issues.

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[NEWS]12.02.07 Shindong-Kim Shinyoung’s radical sexy couple pictorial revealed.. “provocatively chic”

Super Junior member Shindong and gagwoman Kim Shinyoung’s radical couple poster has been unveiled.

Shindong and Kim Shinyoung have recently been named as the MCs of MBC Music’s “Show Champion”, and their pictorial shots have been released on the 7th.

Previously Shindong had posted on his personal Twitter saying that, “I had a photoshoot with a woman with beautiful looks..who exactly is this beautiful woman?”. He also published a photo of him wearing a black suit and staring ahead with an intense gaze and his mouth covered by someone*, arousing curiosity.

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[NEWS]12.02.04 Super Junior’s Shindong takes a picture with a veiled woman, parodying a jacket photo of Rain’s

Super Junior’s Shindong is currently in the limelight for a picture in which he is parodying a jacket photo of “Woman from Busan,” a single by Rain.

On February 3, Shindong tweeted the picture with the comment, “You must have seen a picture similar to this. Right. This is a parody of one of Rain’s jackets. I worked on this with a beauty. Who do you think she is?”

In the picture, he is wearing a black suit and a bow tie. What is more eye-catching is the woman, who is covering Shin’s mouth, holding his jacket. The identity of the veiled beauty is arousing the curiosity of fans.”

Netizens responded: “What’s this photo? Shindong looks more gorgeous than Rain.” “Who’s that woman? What is he shooting?” “Let me know the answer. Does anyone know who she is?”

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[NEWS]12.02.05 Super Junior’s Leeteuk misses his old friend: “I want to go back to the year 2004″

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk has recently attracted attention by leaving a comment that means a great deal on this Twitter account.

On February 5, Leeteuk uploaded a captured image of part of his guest book of Cyworld personal homepage. In his guest book, there are several messages exchanged with his friend Shin Sun Ho.

With the picture, he tweeted, “I was like this with my friends when I was 22. My friend Sun Ho, who appeared on MBC TV’s Introducing Star’s Friend Survival with me. It was the year 2004 when I was always nervous, not knowing when I could debut. I miss the time, though. I want to go back! I think I should say I was innocent at that time because there’s a clear difference between “being naive” and “being innocent.” But what hasn’t really changed is that I’m still lonely. I think I’m more lonely now.” His comment insinuates that he has recently recalled his memories from the time before his debut and he misses the innocent time.

Leeteuk has gotten a lot of his fans worried about him because he once said he was suffering from depression because of his workaholism.

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