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[NEWS/VID]12.03.03 Leeteuk asks Kang Sora for permission to kiss her

MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘ couple Leeteuk and Kang Sora celebrated their 100th day of being ‘married’, and had an honest discussion regarding their ‘skinship’.

On the episode that aired on March 3rd, the couple who is blissfully enjoying the newlywed stage in their marriage decide to find out what the Tarot cards have to say about their compatibility.

Lee Teuk selected two cards that brought up topics that made them feel bashfully awkward, and the two could not hide their embarrassment.

They continued to talk about their compatibility results throughout their dinner together and Leeteuk began asking Kang Sora, “When would be a good time to kiss?”, and “Would you do it if I asked you to do it right now?”

Kang Sora then adorably revealed her honest emotions by asking Leeteuk her own questions saying, “Do we have to plan it beforehand? Can’t we just let it happen naturally?”

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[INFO/Vid] 12.03.03 Donghae and Son Eun To Appear in The Upcoming Episode of ‘We Got Married’

Here is the preview of the upcoming episode of We Got Married,check out the video below!

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[Vid]Lee Teuk (Super Junior) & Boom – 2012 Idol Star Athletics and Swimming Championships



[NEWS]12.01.24 Super Junior’s Sungmin and SISTAR’s Hyorin perform Korean opera for ‘Pit-a-Pat’

Super Junior‘s Sungmin and SISTAR‘s Hyorin blew fans away with their impressive pansori performance!

The two idols collaborated for MBC‘s holiday special ‘Pit-a-Pat Shake‘, where they performed their twist on a Korean opera classic. Inspired by the lunar new year, Sungmin and Hyorin carried out the traditional Korean folk tale of ‘Chunhyang’, the beautiful young woman who is loved by the governor’s son, ‘Mongryong’.

Both Hyorin and Sungmin were complimented for their talents in a genre that differed from the typical Western-influenced pop culture.



Check out their refreshing performance below!

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[Vid/Clip] Leeteuk and Kang Sora ..together on the bed~^^ [WGM]


[NEWS]11.12.25 MBC’s We Got Married airs their Holiday special program

MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘ gathered all three couples for their year-end special!

The three couples who have not had a chance to interact with each other in the past had gathered together to engage in conversations to reveal their honest emotions and play games to bring each couple closer together.

Each person put on a solo performance for their wife and husband- romantic events by the guys, and provocative dances by the girls. All six individuals definitely showed a side of themselves that is completely different from their image on the show. The couples even participated in singing and the Pepero Kissing Game.

The Kim Won Jun-Park So Hyun couple along with the Lee Jang Woo-Ham Eunjung couple have been married for 8 months now, while Lee Teuk and Kang Sora have been married for three but all the couples displayed their affection for one another.

The year-end special also guest-featured After School‘s Lizzy, and Kim Shin Young who has been married the longest out of all of them.

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[NEWS]11.12.24 ‘We Got Married’ couples play the Pepero kissing game

On the latest episode of MBC‘s ‘We Got Married’, the show’s couples reenacted the Pepero kissing game that Eunjung and Lee Jang Woo once played.

The three couples, Park So Hyun – Kim Won Joon, Eunjung – Lee Jang Woo, and Kang Sora – Leeteuk, gathered together to watch the various scenes from ‘The Best 1 Minute Picked By the Production Staff’.

Eunjung and Jangwoo’s best 1 minute was revealed to be none other than their kissing scene from their Pepero game, and other jealous couples requested that they be allowed to re-enact the scene.

Jang Woo stood up without hesitation, and confidently stated that he would show everyone how it’s done, much to the surprise of Eunjung.

Before the couple launched into the game, Jang Woo tried to make Eunjung feel more at ease by telling her, “Recreate the mood from that last time.”

When the two were almost done eating the Pepero stick, Jang Woo turned his head towards the camera as if to block Eunjung from view.

Following them were Park So Hyun and Kim Won Joon, who succeeded in a kiss as Won Joon grabbed So Hyun’s face and brought his lips to meet hers. After succeeding, Kim Won Joon made everyone laugh as he expressed outloud, “MBC, thank you,” unable to hide his happiness.

The last couple to follow was Kang Sora and Leeteuk, who are now 3 months into their “marriage”. Before the game began, Leeteuk showcased his manly leadership as he told Sora to stay still as he’ll do the rest.

However. just right before Leeteuk could reach Sora’s lips, the nervous Sora cut off the Pepero, ending the game and leaving Leeteuk with a dumbfounded and wishful expression on his face.

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[Spoiler: We Got Married] 11.12.17 Leeteuk serenades Kang Sora at ‘Super Show 4′

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk blew viewers away when they saw his ultra-romantic surprise for virtual wife, Kang Sora.

On December 17th’s episode of MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘, the show finally aired Leeteuk’s serenade to his wife during Super Junior’s ‘Super Show 4‘ concert.

After Kang Sora presented Leeteuk and his fellow members with lunches she personally packed for them, she sat among the fans to enjoy the concert.

The members put on individual performances, and for his, Leeteuk transformed into sweet ‘RomanTEUK’, playing songs on the saxophone and piano.

In the middle of his performance, Leeteuk invited Kang Sora onto the stage and serenaded her, handing her a rose and even a couple ring he had prepared in advance.

Afterwards, Leeteuk remarked, “I was so nervous. I didn’t know what I was doing, and I couldn’t hide that I was so nervous. Kang Sora didn’t see it coming, and she got a bit teary-eyed.”

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