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[UPDATE]110426 Donghae CY sidebar

2011… Extravagant Challenge*

* The drama he’s filming now, together with Siwon

Original Source. 이동해미니홈피
Translated by cleaver487 @ SJ-WORLD.NET

[Update] Donghae’s Cyworld 01.04.11

Title: Pray for Michael…2011.4.1 AM 3:13

Hi. This is Super Junior Donghae.
I’m doing well in Taiwan. Doing hard with my members on the album, Extravagant Challenge with Siwon…for the drama I’m working hard.

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[Update] Donghae’s Cyworld 04.01.10

We’ll do it together??^^!!

Credits: Donghae’s Cyworld.
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[Update]Donghae’s Cyworld 03.01.10

Donghae’s cyworld sidebar update 03.01.10

2010/12/31 Believe in Teukie hyung and let’s go again…Let’s smile like what Eunhyuk said…



Credits: 이동해 Cyworld
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[Update] Donghae’s Cyworld Sidebar 31.12.09

Let us start from the beginning….

Cr: 이동해Cyworld
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[Update] Donghae’s Cyworld 25.12.09

You(‘re) really… eye blinding

Credits 이동해Cyworld.
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[Update] Donghae’s cyworld sidebar 22.12.09

Today is.. Joyful


Credits: 이동해 Cyworld

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yup…he just wrote ” .”

[Update] Donghae’s cyworld entry 12.12.09

Donghae Cyworld’s entry

2009.12.12 02:01
Title : – The! history! moment! Golden! Disk! –


It’s me!!! We’re Super Juni~~~orrrrrrrrr^^

If there werent staffs and ELF who helped us

we couldn’t smile and exist! like this!!!!!

Though (he) had cried a lot when came up to the stage…our eunhyukie

still keeps crying now!!ㅜㅠㅜㅠㅜㅠ

Really thank you so much!! To the fans who always bring us new impression and write new history for us~!!! I even dont know what words I should say!!!

And to all the overseas ELF our sweetheart who gave Super Junior a lot of love!! supported us and spent the night to click for us^^!!

Thank you, I love you!!

I love you 100 times 10,000 times!!

To be in Super Junior is the happiest thing to me If I’m reborn I will want to meet the members again and If I’m reborn I will like the blue color and If I’m reborn I will remember the name ELF!!

I have fallen with your very very beautiful image that (I) cant get out!!*

I’m in China now!!

(I) came to meet Chinese ELF!!

To the staffs that believed us and helped us when everything is not good…
ELF, our members, our parents~~!! I love you I love you !!

Lastly, I want thank our grandmother who is smiling in the heaven

(and) my beloved father!!

Thank you to bring me to life healthily so I could be able to achieve your dream instead (of you)!

I will work more hard in 2010 and show a cooler image!!

Please always stay healthy and dont be hurt!! I love you!!


*he refers to ELF ^^

Credits: 이동해 Cyworld
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T____T huhu…donghae! that is so sweettttttt……….!