[INFO] A Collaboration PROJECT for KIMCHI 4 June 2011

  • For Ryeo Wook ‘s Birthday on 21 st June, inside the venue we’ll be singing together “saengil chukahamnida” / “Happy Birthday” song in Korean, please see poster below for lyrics .


We’ll be doing this project after Super Junior had their session of introduction. You can sing right away afterwards. We might give some kind of cue later.

  • We’re also planning to have project for ELF in VIP seats (C & D) and also another project for ELF seating in Tribune 2:


We’ll be giving away for free 1000 hand banner (@500 for each tribune) with “5 written on it. To be Lift up when Super Junior take the stage and sings their song.  No worries, you can lift up the hand banner with one hand, and wave your lightstick with your other hand.

Do not lift the hand banner any higher than your shoulder. In front of your chest will be just fine.

DO NOT LIFT The hand banner when other artists other than Super Junior are on the stage performing, respect the artist respect ourselves!


Please wait for more details of them while we’re still working on it.

Let’s make it the best time ever guys !! FIGHTING!!

a collaboration project with ELF INA UNITED

Fanbase participate:


@Elfish_ina / @spELFs / @StayTrueToSuju /

@SapphireBlueInd / @ELF_SUJUisONE / @WorldwideLFs /

@GAMEkyulogy /@HeechulSJFacts / @ELFishylogy /

@ANCHovylogy/ @twelfs / @TEUKangelogy /

@Bluefls / @SJELFbiased / @Heechulfacts /

@SJnELF / @SS4forIndonesia / @elfindogroups /

@jungsooaddicts / @sujufor_elfindo / @indonesiawantSJ / @indoELF_

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