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[NEWS]12.02.20 Han Geng and Zheng Kai-tung spark marriage rumors

Han Geng, a former member of Super Junior, and Chinese actress Zheng Kai-tung sparked rumors about having a relationship and getting married.

Chinese media outlets reported on the two stars saying that they recently left for Maldives and they have already introduced each other to their parents. Both Han Geng and Zheng Kai-tung haven’t officially confirmed or denied any allegations.

Han Geng, who is currently keeping busy in China, is at the center of rumors regarding a relationship with Zheng Kai-tung. Even though paparazzi pictures were posted on Chinese Weibo, the two stars haven’t responded.

Han Geun was born in 1984 and Zheng Kai-tung is 5 years younger than him. She is a popular Chinese actress who appeared on the TV series Fall in Love.

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[RUMOR] 11.08.27 Industry Sources Claims Super Junior Is Set To Disband In March 2012?


The Daily Chilli is claiming that it has inside sources in the K-Pop industry that claims the iconic band Super Junior may disband in the first half of 2012. The news came as popular members Kangin and Heechul announced their departure from the band to fulfil South Korea’s compulsory 2-year national service.

Having just released their fifth studio album Mr.Simple, The Daily Chilli reports that it’s inside sources tells them that the Hallyu wave super-band may end their course next year in March.

“SuJu (as Super Junior is fondly known) has run its course,”claims a source close to SM Entertainment, the band’s management company. “It’s time to call it a day.”

Till SM Entertainment makes an official announcement, all the SuJu boys are committed to promoting their new album and their existing contractual obligations,” says the insider.

– The Hot Chilli

There has yet been any confirmation by SM Entertainment on this matter.

Super Junior has had a string of hits, including Sorry,Sorry and Bonamana since their debut in 2006 and have since then been a major commercial success overseas in countries such as Thailand, China and the Philippines. It could be said that Super Junior has played a major role in opening borders for new K-Pop acts overseas and have influence many new sounds in the K-Pop scene.

The story has now been picked up by many respectable Super Junior fan websites including Sup3rJunior with the reaction of fans on Twitter disapproving the thought. Many have compared the case with DBSK with one user expressing, “It would be such a shame to see a great band like Super Junior face the same fate as DBSK.”

For now, we have to shoot this one down as a rumour until any official announcement is made by SM Entertainment.

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