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[EVENT/Promote] ‘SM TOWN Day INA’ Gathering JAKARTA 160912

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Another Awesome gathering of KPOP FANS is HERE!!

SMTOWN Day INA Gathering

SMTOWN Day INA Gathering adalah gathering untuk para kpopers yang berfandom di SM Entertainment. Presented by @SMGathering_INA (2event Entertainment)

Acara akan dilaksanakan pada 16 september 2012 di JIEXPO hall D2 kemayoran. Acara akan dibuat sedemikian rupa agar terasa atmosfir dari SMTOWN concert itu sendiri.

HTM dibagi 2 jenis:

1. GOLD (Class A) Rp 85.000 [goodies, snack, doorprize, seat numbered]

2. SILVER (Class B) Rp 75.000 [goodies, beverage, free seat]

Buat kamu yang mau ikutan acara gathering ini, silakan mengirimkan email ke

——————— (itutup sementara)

dengan format :

Nama                    :

Alamat                 :

No. Telp/hp        :

Jumlah tiket / Jenis Tiket      :  (misal : 2 Class A, 1 Class B)

TOTAL tiket yang dibeli         : (misal: 3 tiket)

Twitter acc          :

Kami akan segera mendata dan mengirimkan email balasan berupa nomor rekening untuk pembayaran tiket masuk ke acara gathering ini.

Kami tunggu yaaa partisipasinya..^^

Terima kasih.


p.s: tiket yang sudah dibeli tidak dapat dikembalikan!

For more Q&A follow the official twitter @SMGathering_INA

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[NEWS]12.07.17 Super Junior releases Japanese version of Sexy, Free & Single

Boy group Super Junior will continue their activities in Japan.

On July 17, SM Entertainment said that the group will release their fourth Japanese single Sexy, Free & Single on August 22.

It has been about three months since their last single, Opera, was released. The fourth Japanese single will include the Japanese versions of the title song “Sexy, Free & Single” and “Our Love.”

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[NEWS]12.07.17 Super Junior’s Kyuhyun thanks Kim Goo Ra

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun recently thanked Kim Goo Ra.

Kyuhyun thanked Kim for sending him a text message through fashion life style magazine @Star1, which was published on July 20.

The pictorial was taken in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul. He said Kim advised him and helped him become an active MC for MBC’s Radio Star.

Kyuhyun said, “Kim doesn’t advise in a sweet way and he trains people strictly. When I was having a hard time adjusting to the show, he gave me some hints.”

He added, “A few weeks after I became an MC, I received a text message from him saying that I was doing a good job. I was touched by his message because I felt like he was thinking of me.”

Kyuhyun is keeping busy with his group Super Junior and their sixth album Sexy, Free & Single, which was released on July 1.

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[NEWS]12.07.17 Super Junior’s Ryeowook is selected as a member of Super Junior who has become the sexiest

Who is the sexiest member of Super Junior? Super Junior members, who recently released their sixth album, chose the youngest member Ryeowook as a member of Super Junior who has become the sexiest.

In the episode of MBC Music’s Show Champion that will air on July 17, an unreleased video of Super Junior will be released in the segment of Backstage.

During the rehearsal for Show Champion on July 10, Super Junior members said Ryeowook to the question of “Which member has become the sexiest?” At this, Ryeowook got laughs by responding to it with a sexy look on his face and pose.

In the July 17 episode of Show Champion, Super Junior, Wooyoung (2PM), Kim Hyung Jun (SS501), After School, NU’EST, Hello Venus, A-JAX, JJ Project (with Kim Se Hwang & Robin), Rhythm Power, and Crayon Pop will perform.

In addition, After School’s Lizzy will host the show with Super Junior’s Shindong as a special host. It’s because Kim Shin Young cannot come to the show this week because of her schedule in an overseas country. Many people are looking forward to Lizzy and Shindong’s great teamwork.

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[NEWS]12.07.17 Super Junior top the charts in Hong Kong with their new song

Super Junior proved their high popularity in Asia by topping the charts in Hong Kong as well as Taiwan.

Super Junior topped such charts as the Hanteo Chart and the Hot Tracks Chart with their sixth album, Sexy, Free & Single, for two consecutive weeks.

The lead track, “Sexy, Free &  Single,” topped the K-pop Top 100 of KKBOX, the biggest online music website in Taiwan, for two consecutive weeks. Super Junior are topping the chart for a total of 111 weeks.

Super Junior also topped the K-pop Top 100 of KKBOX in Hong Kong for two consecutive weeks, and all tracks of their new album ranked in the top 10 of the chart.

Super Junior also ranked first on MBC Music’s Show Champion and Mnet’s M Countdown with “Sexy, Free &  Single.”

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[NEWS]12.07.16 SUJU’s Kyuhyun candidly confesses, “I didn’t like the fact that we had so many members.”

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun revealed the distress he had during his trainee years.

On the episode of KBS 2TV’s Star Life Theater, which aired on the afternoon of July 16, Super Junior’s daily life was broadcast.

In this broadcast, Kyuhyun candidly revealed his thoughts about the members being thirteen people, “When I was a rookie, I honestly didn’t like the fact that we have so many members. There were competition even among ourselves.”

He thought back to the time and said, “I’m not the leading type of guy, so I always stay in the back and observe.”

He continued, “However, I love the fact that we have so many members. Since we spent so much time together, we know each other’s’ strengths and weaknesses. I’m just happy when we are together.”

Sungmin also revealed, “I’m reassured because we have a lot of members. I wouldn’t have received this much love if we didn’t have many members.”

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[NEWS]12.07.16 Super Junior’s Leeteuk confesses, “I’ve once faked my report card”

Recently, Super Junior’s Leeteuk has confessed that he had forged his report card when he was a student.

On July 15, the star participated in a shooting for KBS 2’s National Talk Show Hello which took place at the annex hall of KBS Yeouido building in Seoul.

A middle school girl appeared as a client of the show and shared her trouble. She said that her father stresses her out the most because he pushes her too hard on studying. When Leeteuk heard her issue, he revealed a secret story about his report card during his school days.

He said, “Once, I’ve forged my report card because I had to have my parents’ signature on it. I printed out some letters, cut them, and pasted them on top of bad grades. They still don’t know about it.”

On listening to his story, the emcees of the show joked. “Leeteuk has forged an official document!”

The episode also covers two other clients: a young woman in her twenties who is upset about her mother checking her purse and a female employee concerned about how to clean Gundam action figure of her boss. It airs on the 23rd of July.

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[NEWS]12.07.16 Kim Kibum and Juvie join flash mob

Actor Kim Kibum and singer Juvie recently drew a lot of attention by performing a flash mob dance.

On July 16, the production crew for tvN’s series I Love Lee Tae Ri released pictures of Juvie, who plays the role of a top idol star named Ha Soon Shim, performing in a flash mob.

In the pictures, Juvie and her group members in the series are performing a flash mob dance to promote a museum. They look cute in short jeans and a denim vest performing the passionate dance. Kim made people curious by shooting them with a camera by himself.

People responded: “Juvie looks fresh and pretty.” “I can’t wait to see the flash mob that Juvie and Kim performed in together.” “Juvie is good at acting too.” “I want so badly to watch the last episode of the series. Will Kim go back to a 14 year old boy again?” “Why is Kim holding the camera?”

The fifteenth episode will air today at 11:00 p.m.

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