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[NEWS]12.07.16 Super Junior’s Yesung and Eunhyuk are close with Jung sisters

Super Junior’s Yesung and Eunhyuk recently took pictures with SNSD’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal.

On July 16, Yesung tweeted pictures with the comment, “With Jung sisters after a long time and Eunhyuk joins the queue.”

In the pictures, Jessica and Krystal are wearing pink clothes and posing with a pink bowtie wearing Yesung, and Eunhyuk, who is making a funny face.

Since all four are from the same agency, SM Entertainment, they showed off their close friendship through the pictures. The sisters Jessica and Krystal drew a lot of attention by being named the Jung sisters.

People responded: “They are beautiful and handsome.” “I really like the Jung sisters! They are pretty.” “They look close.” “Why are they gathering together?”

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[NEWS/Twitter]12.06.19 6th Album of Super Junior is coming ^^

As we all know, Super Junior will be releasing their 6th album before their leader, Leeteuk, enters the military life for his mandatory services. On the hand, Kangin, will be joining again for the said album.

As a proof, Super Junior Yesung (@shfly3424) tweeted a photo of him at a recording studio. He stated, “Recording studio .. Ah good ^^”

6th album of Super Junior — coming this July ^^

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[NEWS]12.06.14 Did Super Junior’s Kangin succeed in his diet?

Recently, Super Junior’s Kangin has revealed his diet food.

On June 13, the star tweeted, “Do my eyes look alive? Do you feel it?” and attached a picture.

The celebrity is showing off his sharp jaws, indirectly announcing that he is in the middle of a diet. Then he revealed his diet food in the following tweet, “Ew, diet chicken breast and salmon.”

Netizens who saw the posting commented: “I hope you’ll succeed in your diet.” “You seem to have lost a lot of weight.” “Your eyes are alive indeed.”

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[NEWS]12.06.05 Super Junior in the midst of stretching or something else? xD

As we all know, Super Junior is celebrating their 6th anniversary today, June 2, 2012. Along with this, they are planning for their 6th album before their leader, Leeteuk, enters the military for his mandatory service.

Eunhyuk, the group’s dancing machine teases fans with his latest tweet saying, “In the middle of stretching. . .that or we were in the middle of discussing choreography. . .”

Can you guess who’s who?

**The photo consists of Donghae, wearing the hat and white shirt; Yesung, wearing a black shirt; Kyuhyun, wearing the blue shirt, and Eunhyuk, in his yellow pants with somewhat orange hair.

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[NEWS]12.05.31 The handsome trio: Donghae, Yunho, and Yesung captured together

Recently, the trainees of SM Entertainment in 2001, Super Junior’s Yesung, Donghae, and TVXQ’s Yunho gathered.

On the afternoon of May 31, Yesung uploaded a picture and posted on his Twitter, “My fellow trainees of SM Entertainment from year 2001.”

Smiling brightly, Yesung, Donghae, and Yunho are all dressed in black suits. Yunho attracted attention with his recent looks.

Netizens commented: “I didn’t know you were all trainees of the same year.” “So handsome.” “Welcome back Yunho.”

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[NEWS]12.05.20 SM Entertainment’s “Kyu-Line” reunited at Knott’s Berry Farm in California

Since arriving in Los Angeles, California yesterday, SMTOWN artists have been spotted while spending their leisure time in the country. Earlier today, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun surprised fans and uploaded the photo of the “Kyu-Line.”

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, TVXQ’s Changmin and SHINee’s Minho are collectively known as “Kyu-Line” and were spotted in Knott’s Berry Farm. Kyuhyun uploaded a photo of their little get-together along with a caption saying, “The rising warm warm warm guys that you haven’t seen in a while, Kyu-line!! ^^ In Knott’s Berry Farm.” Since the update, fans eagerly commented on the group’s sudden reunion and their close relationship.

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[PIC/SELF] 12.05.15 Zhou Mi with Friends [1P]

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[NEWS]12.05.13 Super Junior’s Heechul says, “I’m on my way back to my hometown”

Super Junior’s Heechul recently told people how he was doing.

On May 13, Heechul uploaded a picture of himself on his Twitter account with the comment, “I’m on my way back to my hometown. There’s was a old-style hot dog so I bought one. It was my first time eating it in 20 years. Hot dogs should always come with ketchup.”

In the picture, Heechul is sitting on a bench and eating a hot dog in comfortable clothes. His serious look, eating a hot dog, is especially getting laughs.

People responded: “Was the hot dog good?” “His face is so chic,” “He looks very comfortable.”

Heechul has been working for Seongdong District Office as a public service worker since September last year.

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