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[NEWS] 12.07.03 Super Junior’s Kangin is taken by SNSD’s beauty

Super Junior’s Kangin recently expressed his affection for SNSD.

On July 3, Super Junior attended a press conference for their sixth album Sexy, Free & Single at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul.

When Kangin was asked about his life in the Army, he replied, “I started to think of the SNSD members as ladies 4 months after I joined the Army.”

He added, “I’ve known them since they were little and they have become gorgeous ladies after releasing their album Oh. I was watching TV one day and I felt like Taeyeon was winking at me. I visited the agency during my vacation, I hugged SNSD tight in spite of myself.”

“I’ve rested for 3 years but I don’t know how the time passed by so fast. Many things have changed during the past 3 years. I’m 29 years old now. I was 26 years old 3 years ago but now those people who are 26 seem very young to me. I think I was too happy when I was young.”

After Kangin had an incident in 2009, involving drunk driving and assault, he decided to join the Army to serve his duty.

Super Junior will return to performing on July 5 by appearing on Mnet’s M Countdown.

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[NEWS] 12.07.04 Kangin is excited for Super Junior’s comeback

Super Junior‘s Kangin expressed his excitement about the group’s comeback.

Kangin posted to Twitter on the 4th, “Finally tomorrow. I missed it terribly. Everyone’s coming tomorrow, right? I want to hurry up and see you. Let’s meet already.”

Super Junior’s 6th album ‘Sexy, Free & Single‘ hit stores today, and the group will have their debut performance of the title track of the same name on tomorrow’s ‘M! Countdown‘.

Fans commented, “I’ve waited a long time,” “Finally Super Junior’s comeback! I’m so looking forward to it,” and “Us fans are waiting impatiently to see you.”

Kangin enlisted for mandatory military service in July of 2010 and was discharged this past April.

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[NEWS]12.06.18 Kangin to make his comeback with Super Junior’s 6th album next month

Kangin has been revealed to be joining Super Junior for their comeback, which will reportedly be taking place next month!

According to information released by a few industry officials, Super Junior will be making their comeback early next month with their sixth album. Not only is it their first comeback in 11 months since their ‘Mr. Simple‘ release, but this album will also be including the return of Kangin.

On June 19th, SM Entertainment revealed to multiple Korean media outlets, “Kangin will be participating as a member of Super Junior starting from their 6th album, which will be released early July,” and “He is currently practicing hard with the upcoming comeback.”

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[NEWS]12.06.14 Did Super Junior’s Kangin succeed in his diet?

Recently, Super Junior’s Kangin has revealed his diet food.

On June 13, the star tweeted, “Do my eyes look alive? Do you feel it?” and attached a picture.

The celebrity is showing off his sharp jaws, indirectly announcing that he is in the middle of a diet. Then he revealed his diet food in the following tweet, “Ew, diet chicken breast and salmon.”

Netizens who saw the posting commented: “I hope you’ll succeed in your diet.” “You seem to have lost a lot of weight.” “Your eyes are alive indeed.”

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[NEWS]12.06.11 Super Junior’s Kangin considers musical

Super Junior’s Kangin is currently considering appearing in the musical Goong.

On June 11, a spokesperson for Kangin’s agency, SM Entertainment, said, “He was offered a part in the musical but we haven’t decided anything yet. The offer is under consideration.”

A media outlet reported on Kangin that he was cast in the musical, which will start performing on September 1 in Tokyo, Japan.

The musical is about the Republic of Korea as a constitutional monarchy. When it aired on TV as a TV series, Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon played the lead roles and received a lot of attention.

Kangin completed his army service in April. He decided to join the Army after a scandal in September and October, 2009.

However, group members showed off their close friendship by mentioning his name on TV. As a result, many people are wondering whether he will join the group again or not.

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[VID/Fancam] 10.05.10 Kangin watched ‘Catch Me If You Can’ Musical

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[PIC/Fantaken] 10.05.10 Kangin watched ‘Catch Me If You Can’ Musical [1P]

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[NEWS]12.05.09 Super Junior’s Kangin shares a selca photo on Twitter

Super Junior‘s Kangin has been quiet since his official discharge from the military last month but he recently took to Twitter to update his fans.

On May 9th, Kangin attached the above photo and tweeted: “Revealing my face keke“.

In the photo, Kangin who is nicknamed “Bear” seems visibly thinner. Upon seeing the photo, netizens commented, “So Handsome“, “Don’t Lose too much weight“, and “Oppa, is it really you?

With Super Junior’s rumored comeback in late 2012, it shouldn’t be too long before you see Kangin on the stage once again.

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