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[UPDATE]110412 Sungmin UFO replies

Fan: Sungmin oppa, I miss you a lot, if you miss me too then reply “yes”, and I’ll bring delicious food for you.
Sungmin: Yes.

Source: Lee Sungmin Baidu Bar
English translation by collarbones @
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[UPDATE]110411 Sungmin UFO replies

Fan: (I’m) having a nosebleed everyday because (I) miss gege*.
Sungmin: Nosebleed? ㅋㅋㅋ

Fan: Being alone and sick at the same time is really uncomfortable. Sungmin, please give me strength.
Sungmin: It will be good if my message can bring you strength when (you’re) alone, feeling sad and pain (because of the) illness.

*Gege = oppa.

Both replies are from and to the same fan.

Source: Lee Sungmin Baidu Bar
English translation by collarbones & ayumi @

[Update] Sungmin’s Cyworld Diary Entry 28.12.09

2009.12.28 15:24

Ah…(I) have gained a lot of weight…

Shall I try to start a diet from January ?

user posted image

(is there) people who will do it with me~~~!!^ㅡ^ㅎㅎ

Credits: 이성민 Cyworld
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[Update] Sungmin’Cyworld Diary Entry 21.12.09

2009.12.21 13:39

Yahoo~adding friend is also a very difficult thing…
I’m just about making public everything~
there were some “ilchon”* people who got removed~~~!!^^
and there was some misunderstanding~
Although (my cyworld) is hacked but that person just looked around here and there in my cy
and although (that person) had touched something (in my cyworld)
but he/she didnt leave any comment at all^^
He/she only checked my personal contacts** without my knowing…so I felt quite worry.,.;;;
Anyway, I dont know whether that person is seeing this or not
but I will report him/her soon~^^
Thanks everyone for caring about me~ㅎ

* “ilchon” are your friends in cyworld, once you add someone as your “ilchon”, that person can leave msg on your cyworld’s main page.
** it’s like personal msg, notice that people want to add you as their friend on your cyworld

Credits: 이성민 Cyworld
translated by
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[Update] Sungmin’s Cyworld Entry 27.12.09

2009.12.27 10:03

Our pretty Hyaku

and also

Sen*..user posted image

* 센 (sen) Sungmin coloured it with white so you have to highlight the text to see it. Not sure what it is, fans are guessing it’s his new cat or something

source : 이성민 미니홈피
translated by
may take out with full credits

[Update] Sungmin’s Cyworld Stickers

*hyaku appa

*lee sungmin’s not dead

*bling bling miniming

Credits: Sungmin’s Cyworld
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[Update] Sungmin’s Cyworld Entry 18.12.09

2009.12.18 금 00:11

Hey .. I do not know who you are ..

Whatever, do not close ( my Cyworld) ..

What are you doing?


credit: sungmin’s CY
translated by Lolli^^



goshh..not again..???

[Update] Sungmin’s Cyworld 17.12.09

In the [ ソンミンは。] folder:

2009.12.17 목 02:39


I, really… Who keeps opening the guest book*…ㅎㅎㅎ

Tsk… Are you just that free..ㅎㅎ

* Presumably the guest book of his CY World.

SR: 이성민 싸이월드
Translated by yurim_sj♥ @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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