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[NEWS] Super Junior release preview for 1st full-length Japanese album ‘Hero’


Super Junior is here to give all you anxious fans a peek at their upcoming album, ‘Hero’!

Super Junior’s ‘Hero’ is their first full-length Japanese album, which will feature a total of 11 songs including their Japanese debut song “Bonamana” as well as their third single “Opera”.

‘Hero’ will be released on July 24, but in the meantime, check out the ‘album digest’ preview!

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[NEWS] 13.07.10 Kyuhyun Practices His Nasty Comments on Super Junior Members

Knowing practice makes perfect, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun tests out his nasty comments on the Super Junior members before putting them in action on broadcast.


In an upcoming episode of MBC’s Radio Star, Sungmin appeared as guest, spilling details about his fellow member.

Talking about Kyuhyun’s variety skills, Sungmin noted, “I knew he would do well in variety. He′s quiet but warming up to spitting sharp words.”

MC Kim Gura commented that sometimes Kyuhyun goes overboard, similar to Kangin.

“But we can overlook it because Kangin is a hyung,” said Sungmin. “But Kyuhyun almost really got hit. He practices what he’s going to say on broadcast on the other members.”

Sungmin also share why he stopped being roommates with Kyuhyun.

The episode will air on July 10.

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[NEWS] 13.04.27 Super Junior sets a record with their ‘Super Show 5′ tour in Chile


Super Junior set a record in South America with their ‘Super Show 5‘ concert in Chile!

The group performed in front of 12,000 passionate ELF on the 25th (local time) and raised the bar high. According to SM Entertainment, Super Junior has drawn in the largest audience for a Korean group in South America with this recent event.

The members had fans beaming in bliss as they performed songs like, “Twins“, “Sorry Sorry“, “Bonamana“, “Mr. Simple“, and more for a total of 24 tracks, including a performance with the song “Ai Se Eu Te Pego“, which they prepared specially for this leg of their tour.

As all good things must eventually come to an end, Super Junior will be wrapping up their South America tour in Peru on the 27th.

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[NEWS] 13.04.12 Super Junior’s Choi Siwon Chosen as ‘Line’ Model for Asia

Keeping in touch with people all around the world, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon has been selected as the new model for mobile messenger, Line, for Asia.


On April 12, Line announced that Choi Siwon will be representing the platform in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malyasia, Vietnam, Singapore and other countries around Asia. The company stated that it believes Choi Siwon’s professional and modern image fits will with the brand′s image and decided to choose him as the new model.

Choi Siwon participated in the Line press conference in Hong Kong on April 11 and will participate in a press conference in Malaysia on April 12 as well. The first TV commercial for Line, starring Choi Siwon, has also be revealed on April 11 through YouTube.

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[NEWS] 13.04.02 Super Junior Sungmin will leave Sukira

Super Junior member Sungmin is stepping down as DJ on KBS Cool FM’S “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio”.

Sungmin’s representation at SM Entertainment said to My Daily on the 2nd that “Sungmin will be stepping down from radio.”

He added, “As Sungmin got cast in a musical, the scheduling became difficult. It’s a Japanese musical so it’s a difficult situation.”
As such, Sungmin is stepping down from the “Sukira” DJ in his second year. After stepping down, Sungmin will continue his activities with the musical “Summer Snow” in Osaka, Japan.

Sungmin’s empty seat will be filled as Ryeowook as the sole DJ.

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[NEWS] 13.04.01 Super Junior’s Ryeowook and Park Hyo Shin are a handsome duo in backstage selca


After successfully finishing their concert, “Super Show 5“, Super Junior‘s Ryeowook snapped a photo with soloist Park Hyo Shin, who had come to cheer on his industry juniors.

“Park Hyo Shin sunbaenim came to Super Junior’s Super Show 5 ~~ ^^” Ryeowook posted to his Twitter earlier today. “I love you hyungnim~~!!!!”

Currently under Jellyfish Entertainment, Park Hyo Shin is famous for several R&B hit tracks such as “Good Person” and “Lost“.

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[NEWS] 13.04.02 Super Junior sells out ‘Super Show 5′ in Brazil


Super Junior has proved their Hallyu superstar status.

The group will be traveling to Brazil to hold their ‘Super Show 5‘ concert on April 21. The tickets for the concert have been completely sold out and there’s a lot of precaution in place for their highly anticipated arrival. The Sao Paulo airport will be bringing the biggest scale of safety guards out to make sure no one gets hurt on the day the boys arrive.

Brazil is the first stop for Super Junior on their 4-country tour in South America. According to SM Entertainment, the on-site concert producers collaborated with the airport to provide 10 times the regular amount of safety guards compared to most other pop artists.

Because all 5,000 seats are already sold out, many fans who weren’t able to obtain a ticket have been willing to pay high prices for already sold tickets. Additionally, due to overwhelming requests from fans, the concert venue has lifted the ban on glowsticks for the first time since its opening in 1999.

After their concert in Brazil, Super Junior will be heading to Argentina, Chile, and Peru!

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