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[NEWS] SJ-M’s explosive revelation

Gentle and handsome flower boys group Super Junior-M is extremely popular recently, revealing each other’s (secrets) on shows. Henry was pointed out to have poor hygiene, cuisine expert Ryeowook was laughed at for acting like a mother, while Kyuhyun and Donghae were pointed out by the members as the black sheep of the group because they often either forget the lyrics or dance the wrong dancesteps during performances.

SJ-M was recently on Azio’s ‘Be Friends’ and accepted Mickey Huang’s interview; the 7 members usually live together, their closeness makes them just like real brothers. But Zhoumi revealed that Henry does not like to clean, once when waking him up his bed was full of beef jerkies, cookies and unwashed clothes, even money was hidden inside the bed slits.

Among members there is the untidy Henry, but there is also the mother-like Ryeowook. Donghae said that, like a mother, he (Ryeowook) will gather everyone to eat every time; Henry too said that there was once when Donghae was sick in bed, Ryeowook even went to feed him food. After hearing this, the touched Mickey Huang called Ryeowook “Mama!” on the spot.

However when asked among the members who is most likely to make mistakes, everyone spear pointed at Donghae and Kyuhyun, but the two of them denied it and pointed at each other as the ‘rat’s dropping’. In the end, the guilty conscientious Donghae admitted that he really likes to be late.

* – another term used to describe a black sheep or bad apple

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[Vid][ Support ] Super Junior members Hankyung – Story of Prince fried rice

credit: letu1504 @youtube


Hangeng..we’re with you all the way..

[INFO]The reason why Hankyung brought in the lawsuit against SM

these are 6 unfair things from Hankyung’s exclusive contract with SM which are stated by Hankyung’s side (not sure from his lawyer or his representative)

1. The contract has many provisiosn which are in SM’s favor. When the first contract was signed (January 2003) Hankyung was 18 then (underage) and being a Chinese person, he didnt know everything about Korean showbiz so SM had given him a contract with the content that SM suggested.

Not only that, but those side agreements with SM after then (on Febuary 2007 and December 2007) also were only from SM (aka Hankyung didnt have chance to suggest the provisions which are in his favor)

2. The period of the exclusive contract is 13 years is too long. The first contract was signed stated that it will be ended 10 years after Super Junior’s 1st album but it has been extended to 13 years on the 2nd modified time. Super Junior’s 1st album was released in December 2005 so the contract will be ended in December 2018 and Hankyung will be 35 then.

Moreover, if Hankyung gives up some activities because of his health or study, the contract’s period will be extended according to the situation so it might be 13 years on the paper but it could be longer in real life and this violated seriously to Hankyung’s civil right.

3. There is clause stated that Hankyung will have to pay SM a lot for breaking contract or creating damages toward the contract, thus this prevents Hankyung to cancel the contract or some agreements on the contract. If Hankyung wants to move to another company and continue his activities, he will have to pay SM threefold of the money that SM had invested to him and pay twofold for the loss of the remain time of his contract.

4. The amount between Hankyung’s rights and responsibilities that stated in the contract are not the same. Hankyung has to follow and attend all the schedule that SM give him, has to do/follow all SM’s orders/intrustions unconditionally but he doesnt have right to request his contract to be revised.

5. SM has forced Hankyung to do some activities that against his will.
At the training time, if Hankyung was late or absent or didnt fulfill his duty he would be fined 10,000won for the 1st time, 20,000won for the 2nd time. After debut, if he was late or absent from his schedule, he would have to pay for all the damage, if he cut the contact with SM more than 1 day according to the situation SM can cancel his contract. And if he doesnt fulfill his duty, according to the situation he could be fined 5,000,000won.

According to the contract, Hankyung doesnt have any right to decide for his schedule, he has to follow SM’s words and only attend the events/performances that SM’s manager designed for him. Hankyung even had been forced to attend some activities because of SM’s order when he was ill.

6. The profit distribution and copyrights between SM and Hankyung.

During the contract period, all the copyright of albums and song will belong to SM. Although Hankyung wrote, composed, arranged the songs, they can be used by SM without his permission.

About the profit, the album has to be sold more than 50,000 pieces so that Hankyung can receive 2% the profit. The digital sales has to be equal with the net profit so Hankyung can get 10% and the oversea income has to be equal with the net profit too so Hankyung can get 60%.

About the oversea activities income, after SM deduct all the promotion activities’s expenses & fees, the remain money will be divided among the members.

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Other Translation (bahasa)

Super Junior Hankyung yang mengejutkan dengan kabar menuntut agar kontrak nya dihentikan oleh SM mengajukan keluhan nya pada hari ini. menurut pihak Hankyung, karena padatnya jadwal bersama Super Junior, Hankyung menderita banyak penyakit seperti penyakit pencernaan dan ginjal karena stress dengan pekerjaan.

menurut mereka, alasan Hankyung minta kontrak nya dihentikan adalah:
1. kontrak ekslusif yang dibuat SM sama sekali tidak berkeprimanusiaan, kontrak yang dimulai pada Januari 2003 tersebut diberikan kepada anak berumur 18 tahun yang tidak tahu apa2 tentang hal ini.

2. Kontrak eksklusif yang diperpanjang sampai 13 tahun membuat banyak pertanyaan.

Hankyung sebenernya punya kontrak hanya 10 tahun, akan tetapi setelah album pertama keluar, kontrak ini diperpanjang menjadi 13 tahun, yang berarti sampai Desember 2018 ketika Hangkyung berumur 35 tahun. jika Hankyung sedang sakit yang membuat kegiatan nya dihentikan maka kontrak akan terus diperpanjang selama Hankyung absen bekerja ketika dia sakit yang membuat pihak dia mengatakan ini bertentangan dengan hak asasi manusia.

3. Hankyung juga harus membayar 3 kali lipat uang investasi kepada SM jika suatu hari dia harus melanggar kontrak tersebut, yang membuat Hankyung seperti di borgol oleh SM tidak bisa kemana-mana.

4. antara hak dan kewajiban sebagai artis SM tidak seimbang

5. kegiatan di SM tidak normal.
menurut pihak Hankyung, ketika mereka masih menjadi trainee, ketika telat maka waktu telat latihan mereka harus membayar denda sebanyak 10 ribu won begitu juga ketika telat atau absen sesudah debut. jika mereka ga ada kabar 1 hari, maka SM berhak membatalkan kontrak mereka.

Hankyung sebagai Super Junior harus mengikuti apa yang dikatakan manajer tentang kegiatan mereka dan mereka tidak boleh memberikan pendapat sama sekali, sering Hankyung meminta istirahat karena kondisi kesehatan nya, akan tetapi setiap permintaan nya ditolak.

semua kegiatan adalah milik SM bahkan jika mereka punya lagu yang dibuat sendiri, lagu tersebut boleh dikeluarkan jika ada izin dari SM

6. Pembagian pendapatan yang tidak seimbang.
ketika album terjual sebanyak 50 ribu buah, maka akan menerima 2% dari penjualan album. jika pendapatan bersih itu bisa sampe 10% maka harus ditingkatkan lagi sampai 60% dengan menyuruh mereka melakukan kegiatan diluar korea. pembagian uang penjualan album antara 13 orang juga ga masuk akal.

karena 6 alasan inilah kontrak ekslusif sudah melanggar hak asasi manusia. SM juga belum membuat pernyataan baru dan berusaha untuk berdialog dengan Hankyung.

source,star news+ sjmarket
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[NEWS] Hankyung, “No rest in 2 years.. From gastritis to kidney illness”

Hankyung, Super Junior’s only Chinese member in the 13 member group, has filed a lawsuit against the effects of his exclusive contract with the defendant SM Entertainment because of their unfair activity scheduling which has caused him gastritis and kidney illness.

Through Hankyung’s legal representative, the lawsuit to terminate his exclusive contract was filed on the 21st with the Seoul District Court.

According to the litigation, Hankyung has not even been given a single rest day per week after debut. It has been said, “Because of the recent continuous overseas activities etc, it has almost been 2 years since he last rested, he has been rushing schedules (all this while).” “Due to contract obligations and heavy penalties, even during bad health, he was not to skip any scheduled activities.”

Hankyung’s side emphasized, “Because of these kind of health problems, (he) has continuously put forward requests to rest, but has always been rejected.” They added, “Except for when they started their perfomances in 2006, at other times, he had to stay in Korea.” “Through their manager, Hankyung requested from SM for leave to return to China to rest but he was rejected every single time.”

Hankyung’s side added, Hankyung’s exclusive contract terms ▶SM was definitely in a more superior position signing on unfair terms in the contract ▶The contract would span 13 years (starting from the release of their first album) ▶Incorporated excessive damages and in terms of the contract, if he voided it, he would be blocked (from other activities) ▶Allocation of rights and obligations in the contract were significantly off-balanced ▶SM had the right to request Hankyung to be in any activity ▶Profit-splitting rights and provisions were also off-balance, hence the intiation of the lawsuit against SM to terminate his exclusive contract.

On the other hand, after Hankyung intiated litigation, SM stated their stand that “for the sake of Super Junior and Hankyung, they are in talks to resolve the problem”.

Source: 스타뉴스
translated by ゞilσvεjr⌒★@sj-world.net
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poor hangeng..
can’t blame him for trying to “save” himself…

[NEWS] Under immense pressure, Han Geng thanks fans’ support on blog

Yesterday, news broke out that Super Junior member Han Geng submitted a formal application to court, wishing to terminate his contract with management company SM Entertainment. On one hand, Han Geng hopes to lift the inequality in his exclusive contract, on the other, SM hopes that they can settle this through communication, and save Super Junior.

Towards member Kyuhyun’s earlier blog post: “Even a beast don’t bite the hand that feeds one…I can not understand…” which seemed to suggest Han Geng’s ‘ungratefulness’, Han Geng also updated his CY blog last night at 10:11pm with the message: “I’m currently very well, I know you guys are all there! I love you all.” Besides reassuring fans, the message also expresses his own thoughts of gratitude. And fans have also flooded his blog with comments, expressing that Han Geng can take this time to get some proper rest.

Caption: Han Geng’s message on his Cyworld

Source: 163,163
Translation: Sarah @ asianfanatics.net
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[News] Han Geng’s contract termination just a cover-up of SJ-M’s latest scandal?


Yesterday, news broke out that Super Junior member Han Geng submitted a formal application to court, wishing to terminate his contract with management company SM Entertainment. This left the public very puzzled and fans also did not understand why he took this action. But immediately after this, SJ-M’s ‘happy gate’ scandal was exposed, and left everyone thinking whether this whole contract termination ordeal is just to cover up SJ-M’s scandal and divert the public’s attention.

SJ-M is Super Junior’s 3rd sub-unit, designated to target the Chinese market. Under Han Geng’s lead, SJ-M have developed successfully in China, and they even have their own exclusive fan club. Recently, SJ-M attended various award ceremonies in China & Taiwan. On the 19th of December, the 53rd Asia Pacific Film Festival was held in Kaohsiung and SJ-M were invited as special guests. The whole process seemed to go very smoothly, however a 6.8 magnitude earthquake suddenly struck Taiwan and became the fuse of the ‘happy gate’ scandal.

After the awards ceremony, during an interview, SJ-M member Zhou Mi laughed saying: “When the earthquake struck just then, it was just like playing.” Moreover, Zhou Mi even used last year’s Si Chuan earthquake as comparison, saying: “Last year, when we were promoting in China, we also met an earthquake, and it was pretty happy.” And Han Geng who was beside him immediately rushed forward to clarify: “He (Zhou Mi) doesn’t mean happy.” However, it was too late, as everything was already recorded by the media.

After the scandal was exposed online, SJ-M have remained silent. When reporters contacted SJ-M’s performance representative, he said that he is currently on vacation, and is unclear about the situation, and is also inconvenient for him to disclose anything. And SJ-M’s Korean manager has yet to answer his phone.

But coincidentally, yesterday, all the major Chinese news sites published the Han Geng contract termination news at almost exactly the same time. And according to one of the new site’s entertainment editor, she revealed that the news was provided by SJ-M’s side, and that they even specified the location to where the news would be published to make it as eye-catching as possible.

Source: Ifeng + dkpopnews@blogspot
Translation: Sarah @

[INFO] An entry was written on hangeng.net by Han Geng’s friend per Geng’s own request.


 This entry was written on hangeng.net by Han Geng’s friend per Geng’s own request.
The writing in grey is what the guy wrote, the one in black is Han Geng’s words.
(DongGam is hangeng.net, a Korean website)

[091219] Title: It’s been a long time ㅎㅎ

Since Hankyungie asked me to leave an entry after a long time
I’ve just come to write ㅎㅎ

Have you been doing well?!
Because of the activities in China I’m not even able to write entries
and I always just come to check

This time the schedule is just so busy
that I don’t have a lot of chances to manage to keep in touch
so again I have to greet you
and ask how the members of DonGam family are doing
through a hyung’s help like this

I heard the weather in Korea is very cold lately
Beware of colds and since I’m going to Korea in January
I’ll see you then~ Christmas is in a short while from now
Spend a heartwarming Christmas~
Please be happy~ ^^

-so here I come –

These days I too have been unable to come back here as I’ve been very busy ㅎㅎ
I came to give good news anyway~ since the weather’s cold
beware of catching colds~ ~

Original Source. hangeng.net
Translated by. Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET


However, today Han Geng’s friend came to leave another entry,
and took back a line he wrote and explained it was written by him deliberately.
He apologized because he felt as if he lied, since Han Geng did not say that.


[091221] Title: Hello, I want to say…


 I have something to say so that’s why I’m writing an entry~

First of all I will tell you why I’m writing without having been asked by Hankyung

Since I’ve found out about DongGam thanks to Hankyung

I’ve been coming to bring you news about/from Hankyungie

But this time I wrote as I pleased

Of course the thing about Hankyung’s conditions was the truth

But [the part about him coming to Korea in January] I threw in on my own.

I alone came out with a thought like that.. so it was like a lie

For now I want to apologize for being unable to be too honest

So I’ve come to write this entry in case you’d be disappointed~


Original Source. hangeng.net
Translated by. Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET

[News] Interview with SJM’s manager ‘Kim Min Wook’

Translation of a piece of news regarding SJ-M’s manager Kim Min Wook.

SJ-M’s Manager: News of Han Geng’s contract termination was released by fans, in the midst of coordinating with the company.”

December 21, reports have emerged that Chinese celebrity Han Geng has officially filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment with the Seoul District Court, asking for a termination of contract. Once this news was released, the level of this ‘explosion’ is no less than that of Dong Bang Shin Ki’s case previously. Ent.163.com has contacted SJ-M’s manager Kim Min Wook (?) to respond to Han Geng’s opting out. Kim Min Wook said he himself was not sure if Han Geng initiated the termination of contract, and that he saw the news from the internet, “All news were said by fans, the company does not know (anything).”

Kim Min Wook added, he saw that a lot of Super Junior related news surfaced online today, but in regard to whether Han Geng, as per what the rumours have stated, has filed the lawsuit with the Seoul District Court against SM Entertainment’s <Exclusive Contract> to be terminated, he isn’t very sure himself, and is currently reaffirming this with the company, Kim Min Wook said, “All the news are what fans said.”

As to whether it is a worry, as being Super Junior’s only foreign Chinese artiste, if Han Geng’s opting out will affect Super Junior’s development in China, Kim Min Wook repeated again, “If there is really something, we will discuss it well with Han Geng and hope that Super Junior’s future development will not be affected.” Once the news of Han Geng terminating the contract spread, Ent.163.com surveyed fans. 80% of the fans think that it is SM’s doing of cooking up publicity for Super Junior’s Asia tour next year. To why they say it’s a form of cooking up publicity, Kim Min Wook declined to respond but only repeated “Thank You” non-stop and hurriedly hung up the phone.

Source: Ent.163.com
translated by ゞilσvεjr⌒★@sj-world.net
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