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[Spoiler: We Got Married] 11.12.17 Leeteuk serenades Kang Sora at ‘Super Show 4′

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk blew viewers away when they saw his ultra-romantic surprise for virtual wife, Kang Sora.

On December 17th’s episode of MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘, the show finally aired Leeteuk’s serenade to his wife during Super Junior’s ‘Super Show 4‘ concert.

After Kang Sora presented Leeteuk and his fellow members with lunches she personally packed for them, she sat among the fans to enjoy the concert.

The members put on individual performances, and for his, Leeteuk transformed into sweet ‘RomanTEUK’, playing songs on the saxophone and piano.

In the middle of his performance, Leeteuk invited Kang Sora onto the stage and serenaded her, handing her a rose and even a couple ring he had prepared in advance.

Afterwards, Leeteuk remarked, “I was so nervous. I didn’t know what I was doing, and I couldn’t hide that I was so nervous. Kang Sora didn’t see it coming, and she got a bit teary-eyed.”

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[Vid] 11.12.17 Kyuhyun Back-Hugged Leeteuk and Gave Him a Free Massage!

Check out the video below where Kyuhyun gave his team leader a back hug and free massage on We Got Married.

He is such a kind Dongsaeng,agree?

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[Vid Variety Show/Cut] 11.11.19 Leeteuk and Kang Sora eating together

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[Vid]11.09.22 Han Geng at RCTI show ‘Dahsyat’ – Indonesia


[Vid/Cut] Eunhyuk Dislikes Girls Wearing ‘Belly Pants’

In September 12th episode of KBS talk show “Hello”, Eunhyuk and Shindong were asked what they want their girlfriends to wear.

Eunhyuk bluntly said that the dislikes girl wearing “belly pants”, or those pants which the waistline is above the belly. The host keep on insisting what if the girl really likes to wear it and Eunhyuk responded with a deep sigh explaining that he will buy her other pants.

On the onther hand, Shindong admitted taht he likes girls with thick make ups.

Watch the translated short clip below:

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[Vid/Cut] 11.09.09 KyuHyun dancing & singing to Kyumin (Hello Baby Season 4/Eps.2)


[Vid] 11.09.12 Leeteuk at SBS ‘Dancing with the Stars’

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