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[TWITTER] 12.03.27 Leeteuk’s twitter update

New iPad!!!^^ 아직 한국 출시 안된 귀한물건~!!빠르게 변화하는 세상속에 뒤쳐지지 말라며…주신 선물 고마워요!!

New iPad!!!^^ A rare product which haven’t been released in Korea yet~!! Isn’t people says do not left behind in a rapidly changing world…Thanks for the gift!!

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[TWITTER] 12.03.27 Yesung’s twitter update 팬페이지돌다가 갑작스런난입!! ㅎㅎ 잼있다 다들속고만살았나 ~~ A sudden invasion while I was browsing around the fanpage!! haha It’s fun (and I wonder) have you guys been living a life that getting cheated only ~~

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[TWITTER] 12.03.26 Yesung’s twitter update 저번태국슈퍼쇼에서선보인 새로운패션 ^^ 이정돈되야 패션왕이지 ㅋ Introduced the new fashion in Super Show in Thailand last time ^^ You have to be like this so you can be considered as a king of fashion ke

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[TWITTER] 12.03.26 Heechul’s twitter update

뭘봐? 고양이 털 민거 첨보냐?

What are you looking at? First time seeing a shaved cat?

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[TWITTER] 12.03.26 Eunhyuk’s twitter update



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[TWITTER] 12.03.25 Shindong’s twitter update

와우!! 뽠타스틱 베베!! 동드레곤!! (“GD SORRY”)

wow!! Fantastic baby!! Dong Dragon!! (“GD SORRY”)

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[TWITTER] 120323 Shindong Twitter Update

@ShinsFriends: I’m tweeting from Smart TV now!!!!Daebak!!


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