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[NEWS] 12.06.26 Super Junior members leave a supportive video message for Kibum and his drama ‘I Love Italy’

Super Junior‘s Shindong, Ryeowook, and Eunhyuk left an encouraging video message for fellow member Kibum, who’s currently busy filming his drama, ‘I Love Italy‘.

The video (below) was uploaded onto CJ E&M Drama‘s official YouTube channel with the title, “[I Love Italy] Super Junior members’ supportive video message!

The members gave words of encouragement to Kim Kibum as well as to the rest of the cast members saying:

First, we’d like to congratulate Kim Kibum for his lead role in a drama! Kibum, we miss you and love you so much. In addition to Kibum, actress Park Ye Jin and Sunny Hill‘s Jubi are also starring in the drama. We, Super Junior, will be tuning into ‘I Love Italy’, so we hope you all do the same. Kibum, fighting!

Check out the video message in full below!


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[PICS/OFFICIAL] 12.06.23 Simsimtapa Update with EXO-K [8P]

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[NEWS] 12.06.24 Super Junior releases Yesung & Shindong’s teaser photos for ‘Sexy, Free & Single


Continuing with the unveiling of the teaser photos, Super Junior has released their third and fourth teaser photos for their upcoming 6th album featuring Shindong and Yesung!

The concept for the comeback this time around continues to remain a mystery. However, this pair of teaser photos still have the same soft vibe as the previous teaser photos. As most fans know, SM Entertainment is famous for releasing teaser photos that seem quite unrelated to their actual concept, so don’t be surprised when the boys are back with looks that are completely different from these!

As announced previously, the group’s 6th album ‘Sexy, Free & Single‘ will drop on July 1st online and will be followed by the offline release on July 4th.

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[NEWS]12.06.07 Super Junior’s Donghae shows his loyalty to 4minute’s Jihyun on ‘Beatles Code 2′

Super Junior‘s Donghae has been dubbed as a “warm city man” for his caring act towards 4minute‘s Jihyun.

The latest recording of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘ featured the members of 4minute putting on a hidden camera show against their close celebrity friends.

MC Shindong suggested that Jihyun pretend to act like she needs to borrow money for her hidden camera act, which she readily agreed to.

Jihyun called up Donghae and carefully asked, “Can you lend me money?” Donghae replied back, “How much do you need? If it’s an emergency, you don’t have to tell me. It doesn’t matter if you don’t pay me back either.”

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[PICS/Official] 12.05.25-12.05.26 Simsimtapa Update [4P]

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[PICS]12.05.09 SBS Starking – LT,SM,EH,RW,SD [4P]

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[PICS] 12.05.02 Simsimtapa Update – Shindong [4P]


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