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[NEWS]12.05.09 Super Junior’s Kangin shares a selca photo on Twitter

Super Junior‘s Kangin has been quiet since his official discharge from the military last month but he recently took to Twitter to update his fans.

On May 9th, Kangin attached the above photo and tweeted: “Revealing my face keke“.

In the photo, Kangin who is nicknamed “Bear” seems visibly thinner. Upon seeing the photo, netizens commented, “So Handsome“, “Don’t Lose too much weight“, and “Oppa, is it really you?

With Super Junior’s rumored comeback in late 2012, it shouldn’t be too long before you see Kangin on the stage once again.

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[VIDS] 12.04.16 Various VID News on Kangin’s Discharge from the Army [3 Vids]

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[NEWS]12.04.16 Super Junior’s Kangin officially discharged from the military, receiving warm welcome from members [3 Articles]

Super Junior‘s Kangin (27) has wrapped up his mandatory military service and stepped out from the gates on April 16th. The singer was welcomed and congratulated by his fellow Super Junior members as well as hundreds of fans at 8AM KST.

Despite being busy with their ‘Super Show 4‘ concert, Super Junior members Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, and Sungmin all came out to welcome Kangin’s return. In their “natural style” compared to when they are on stage, the Super Junior members greeted Kangin with open arms.

SM Entertainment revealed that they currently do not have any activities planned for Kangin. They revealed, “Once Kangin is discharged, Super Junior members will prepare for their future activities.”

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[NEWS]12.04.13 Super Junior star to come home [Kangin]

Kangin of Super Junior Fans are expected to be out in number on Monday to greet Kangin of Super Junior as he returns from his two-year compulsory military service. In total, he has spent roughly three years out of the spotlight.

While SM Entertainment told News N that there are no official plans for the singer as of yet, other Super Junior members will join fans at Kangin’s discharge ceremony in Namyang, Gyeonggi.

Though Kangin’s military obligation was just over two years, he took a break from Super Junior about a year before joining the military after he was charged with a hit-and-run and was otherwise embroiled in controversy after violent outbursts while intoxicated. Entering military service helped him keep a low profile.

Despite SM Entertainment’s comments to the contrary, many are speculating that it won’t be long until Kangin reunites with band members on television and starts performing again.

Fans are hopeful that the 27-year-old entertainer will make a comeback in the band’s new album, set to be released in the coming months.

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[NEWS]12.04.12 Super Junior’s Kangin returns from the military [3rd Article]

Super Junior’s Kangin is to return from the military.

After fulfilling his two year military service, the Super Junior member is to be released from the military on April 16. Some of the group members and their dear fans are to celebrate the singer’s finishing the military duty.

Kangin has no schedules so far. On April 12, his agency, SM Entertainmanet said, “No schedules have been set for Kangin so far, because Super Junior has no plan for a new album for now. After returning from the military, he will have some time to prepare things with team members.

Meanwhile, Super Junior is on the world tour, titled “Super Show 4.” As the settings for the tour were already finished, there seems to be no way for the singer to get in. So, Kangin is to prepare for the team’s next project.

Kangin was excluded from the team projects because of his scandals in September and October in 2009. After having some time off for reflection, the embattled member joined the army in July of the next year. Other members used to remind us of him, showing their friendship, by mentioning Kangin while he was in the army.

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[NEWS]12.04.11 SM Entertainment, “there hasn’t been anything confirmed regarding Kangin’s comeback” [2 articles]

With Super Junior‘s Kangin scheduled for discharge from the army on April 16th, the media reported earlier that he was already preparing for his comeback with the group as soon as possible.

SM Entertainment has followed up with a vague statement to OSEN, expressing, “Kangin is being discharged on the 16th, but there hasn’t been anything confirmed regarding his comeback.”

They continued, “We’re not sure whether the Super Junior members will be able to be at the scene of his discharge. This weekend, they have a ‘Super Show 4‘ concert and have a busy schedule, so it’s up in the air as to whether they will be able to make time for it.”

However, other sources are reporting that when they previously spoke to representatives from SM Entertainment earlier, they had stated, “Kangin is a member of Super Junior, so his return is an obvious one… He will be promoting as a member of Super Junior.”


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2nd NEWS

Kangin to rejoin Super Junior after 3 years

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[PIC] 12.03.26 Kangin at Kona Beans [1P]

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