[TWEET] 13.05.15 Eunhyuk Twitter Update

Hyuk’s tweet: Yahoo Disneyland!!!!!


Hyuk’s tweet: lets catch a mouse lets catch a mouse


Hyuk’s tweet: squeak squeak squeak


*in reply with @Famous_Jae

@/Famous_Jae: @/AllRiseSilver buy a present back for hyung

@/AllRiseSilver: “@/Famous_Jae you didn’t buy me a present for teacher’s day? My disciple?

@/Famous_Jae: @/AllRiseSilver why did you forget about parent’s day? I’m your father.

@/AllRiseSilver: @/Famous_Jae Hey father! Then what about children’s day?

@/Famous_Jae: @/AllRiseSilver for kid Hyojjae(,) I will give you a choreography with the beat of 128(.) it is a (choreography) that is 10 minutes.you won’t be able to breathe

source: @AllRiseSilver and @Famous_Jae

translated by: @teukables

shared by wookietis@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com


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