[NEWS] 13.05.04 What does Super Junior eat for breakfast?


Super Junior, who recently came back from their South American tour as superheroes, revealed what superheroes like them eat for breakfast!

Ryeowook shared on his Twitter, “A common breakfast meal among idols kekekeke Good morning~ Donghae hyung and even Kangin hyung are all awake. I will eat well^^.” His photo shows fans the traditional Korean breakfast, which includes a bowl of rice, soybean paste stew, and side dishes, that he normally eats.

He was also shocked to see so many eggs in his fridge. “When it turns 8 o’clock, I wake up;;; Ah oh ㅠㅠ Because I’m hungry, I went to the kitchen half-asleep.. I was shocked ㅠ Ahk~! What is this kekekekekeke white eggs^^; Seeing how really shocked I was… I laughed out loud by myself >< It’s interesting.”

ELF commented, “Ryeowook eats well~. Do you prepare meals for your hyungs too?” and “It looks delicious! Eat together.”

taken from: allkpop

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