[NEWS]12.11.27 Super Junior’s Siwon attends a press interview for his new drama series on The King of Dramas


press interview for the new drama series The Morning in Kyungsung is held in SBS TV’s drama series The King of Dramas.

In the eighth episode of the series, which will air on November 27, a press interview for a new drama series, written by Go Eun (played by Jung Ryeo Won) and starring Hyun Min (played by Super Junior’s Siwon) and Min Ah (played by Oh Ji Eun), is held.

Including Hyun Min, Min Ah, Anthony Kim (played by Kim Myung Min), and Go Eun, a CEO of Je Gook Productions (played by Park Geun Hyung), Jin Wan (played by Jung Man Sik), and Woon Hyung (played by Kwon Hae Hyo) attend the interview.

The scene was shot at the SBS Hall, where press interviews for such drama series as The King of Dramas, The Great Seer, and Cheongdamdong Alice were actually held. All members of the cast, who play the roles of members of the cast of The Morning in Kyungsung, and extras, who play the roles of reporters, gathered on the set.

In the shooting of the scene, Siwon and Oh posed for the camera as if they were actually attending a press interview.

Siwon waved his hands at reporters, putting his arm around Oh’s shoulders. He also did ad-libbing, saying to the reporters and Oh: “Please see the center.” “Please give us your interest.” “You’re so beautiful.”

The production team of The King of Dramas says, “The scene of the press interview for The Morning in Kyungsung was shot very realistically, so it will be very fun to watch the scene. Please also look forward to what will happen after this interview.”


The King of Dramas is about the making of a drama series by Anthony Kim, a notorious producer who only pursues money, fame, and success in his life; Go Eun, a warm-hearted writer who can’t stay quiet when she sees anything unjust; and Hyun Min, a top celebrity who lives in his own world. The series airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55 p.m.

Source: TV Report ; posted by eternalc2h@en.korea.com;shared by misty@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com

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