[NEWS]12.11.27 Kang Hyun Min gets in an accident while driving drunk ‘The King of Drama’



Kang Hyun Min (played by Super Junior’s Choi Siwon) uses his mother’s visit to the emergency room of a hostpital to manipulate public opinion towards him.

In the episode of SBS’s Monday-Tuesday series The King Of Dramas that aired on November 26, Kang Hyun Min drives while under the influence and has an accident due to a plot hatched by Oh Jin Wan, and news of the star’s offence quickly spreads. In the accident, Lee Go Eun (played by Jung Ryu Won) gets seriously hurt, but fortunately she recovers consciousness after an operation. Kang, however, faces harsh criticism from the public, so the chief executive of the S Broadcasting Company orders drama producer Anthony Kim to replace the writer and actor within three days.

Finding himself in hot water, Anthony Kim is desperate to get out of the troubling situation. He unexpectedly finds out that Kang Hyun Min’s mother was taken to an emergency room on the same day that Kang had his DUI accident. Actually, Kang’s mother chronically thinks she’s unwell and visits emergency rooms regularly. Embattled, Anthony Kim comes up with an excuse for Kang’s behavior by using his mother’s “emergency.” He invents a story in which Kang had been drinking but was forced to drive nevertheless at the news of his mother’s admission to the hospital.

Kang and Anthony Kim take advantage of the mother’s poor health to manipulate the public to condone Kang’s offense. Not grasping what’s going on, Lee joins them at Kang’s press conference and writes a statement for him. Learning that Anthony Kim has hatched the whole business, his rival Oh Jin Wan is set to debunk everything, using his henchman, Goo Jae Hee.

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