[NEWS] 12.11.19 Is Super Junior’s Yesung son of Kim Jung Il from N. Korea?

The truth of some ridiculous rumors in the entertainment industry has recently been unveiled.

On the episode of SBS TV’s Good Morning that aired on November 19, some ridiculous rumors in the entertainment industry were introduced.

There was once a rumor in Switzerland that Super Junior’s Yesung is a son of Kim Jung Il, the leader of North Korea. It was because Yesung’s real name is Kim Jong Woon, which sounds very similar to the name of Kim’s real son. Regarding this, Yesung said, “I think people misunderstood because the initials of my name is the same with those of Kim Jung Il’s real son. I think the news source mistakenly put a wrong picture. My father is currently in Seoul, running an optician’s.”

The truth of the relationship between Super Junior’s Heechul and Missrajin was also unveiled. There was once a rumor that they were dating. It was true the they were close friends, but the rumor came out because they didn’t seem to be able to get along. Missrajin said, “I secretly met Heechul at first. Because he looked so pretty, I hesitated seeing him publicly.” At this, Heechul said, “I prefer girls.”

Regarding the rumor of Lee Seung Gi’s romance with Ga In of the Brown Eyed Girls, Lee said, “I just laughed it off.” Ga In said, “I liked about the rumor. It’s sad that the truth has been unveiled.”

Besides, the truth of the rumors that Hyun Young speaks through the nose on purpose, that Park Jin Young is doing drugs, and that Kim Dong Sung is cheating on his wife was also unveiled.

Source: TV Report; posted by eternalc2h@korea.com; shared here by fanny@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com

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