[NEWS]12.11.15 Actor Yoon Gi Won tells Super Junior’s Kyuhyun to be grateful for his agency on ‘Radio Star’


Actor Yoon Gi Won hilariously fired back at Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun that he should be grateful for his agency on the November 14th episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘.

Yoon Gi Won released an album last year which not many people knew about and MC Kyuhyun sarcastically asked the actor, “Did you release an album last year? Did you purposely try to release the album in secret?” Yoon Gi Won replied, “Just be grateful that you have an excellent agency. Try not having an agency at all.” Kyuhyun and Yoon Gi Won hilariously bickered at each other throughout the show bursting viewers into laughter. Yoon Gi Won also sang his latest single, “Gonna Go Crazy“, on the program.

Viewers commented, “Yoon Gi Won is hilarious”, “I was wondering what Yoon Gi Won was up to lately”, and “Yoon Gi Won and Kyuhyun are funny together.”

CR: pkdance @ allkpop.com / shared and reupload pic by misty@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com

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