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[INFO/TRANS]12.11.02 Sungmin Misses Leeteuk, “Come back quickly!”

Super Junior Sungmin expresses longing for their leader Leeteuk who recently entered military.

In his blog update on November 2, he wrote down his feelings and their successful performance in Chile.

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[VID] Super Junior at Music Bank Chile 12.11.02 [2Vids]

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[NEWS]12.11.01 ‘The Lord of the Drama’ releases trailer video


BS‘s new drama, ‘The Lord of the Drama‘ (former title: King of Drama), has been highly anticipated because it features actors such as Super Junior‘s Siwon, Jung Ryeo Won, and Kim Myung Min.

The drama has now released a trailer video before its first episode on November 5th, featuring a teaser that flips back and forth between seriousness and humor. It is also loaded with references to the movie ‘The Lord of the Rings‘, which is also reflective in the title. Kim Myung Min’s character has a ring while he is called ‘The Lord of the Drama’, but his life goes quite literally down the drain when he loses his ring.

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[NEWS]12.11.02 Leeteuk and Sangchu snap a photo with fellow soldiers



Leeteuk and Sangchu snapped a photo with their fellow soldiers.

On November 2nd, a photo of the two celebrities with their fellow army recruits was posted onto the 306th Army Reserve Internet Cafe. The two of them are smiling brightly at the camera, dressed in their army uniform. Leeteuk and the few other recruits have their arms stretched out to the camera, imitating Super Junior‘s greeting pose.

Both Leeteuk and Sangchu will be serving 21 months of service after basic training.

Source: 306th Army Reserve Internet Cafe  ; posted by jennywill@allkpop.com ; shared here by misty@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com

[NEWS]12.11.02 Will Super Junior’s Kyuhyun become the richest man in the group?

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun was recently selected as a member of the group who is most likely to become rich by some fortune-tellers.

MBC Music’s All the K-pop asked ten fortune-tellers about the members of Super Junior who are most likely to become rich in the future.

Kyuhyun ranked first, beating Siwon, who is currently the richest member in the group. Leeteuk and Shindong ranked third.

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[NEWS]12.10.31 Super Junior’s Choi Siwon plays the role of an arrogant Hallyu star

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon recently said that he is different from the character that he plays on the series Lord of the Dramas.

On October 31, Choi attended a press conference for SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday series Lord of the Dramas and said, “Kang Hyun Min has the opposite personality from me. He is a childish man of excitable temperament.”

“I will become a better actor by performing with Kim Myung Min (plays the role of Anthony Kim) and Jung Ryeo Won (plays the role of Lee Go Eun).”

Choi, who plays the role of an arrogant Hallyu star, said, “I’m not like him at all. I think the audience will be able to see how the production crew makes TV series and how they work at broadcast station.”

The series is a comedy about the president of an outsourcing production company, a new writer, and a top star actor. The president only cares about money but the new writer thinks that a TV series has to have human love. The two characters will meet the arrogant top star actor to make a new TV series. The first episode of the series will air on November 5.

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[NEWS]12.10.31 Super Junior’s Siwon: “We will develop a special bond while Leeteuk is gone”

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon recently talked how he feels about Leeteuk joining the army.

On October 31, Choi attended a press conference for SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday series Lord of the Dramas and said, “Leeteuk joined the army on October 30 and I couldn’t go to see him off because of the shooting. So I went to his house before he joined the army.”

“My group members went abroad to shoot a music program. I was worried about them because there is no leader, but they said they will work harder. I think it is a chance for us to develop a special bond while Leeteuk is gone.”

Leeteuk entered the 306 training camp on October 30. He will train there for five weeks and will serve his duty in the army for twenty-one months.

Choi plays the role of a Hallyu star named Kang Hyun Min on the series, which will start airing on November 5.

CR: Xportsnews ; posted by dkrogers@en.korea.com ;shared here by misty@forsujuindonesia.com