[NEWS]12.10.30 Super Junior’s Leeteuk says, “I’ll work hard as a soldier for the next 21 months”


Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently gave his thoughts on starting his military service.

On October 30 at 2:00 p.m., Leeteuk entered the 306 military boot camp. He will receive basic military training and serve in the army.

Before he entered the boot camp, Leeteuk said, “It still feels unrealistic now. When I wake up the next morning and realize that I’m not at home, it will hit me. I’ll work hard as a soldier for the next 21 months.” Getting his hair cut short, he gave a military salute.

Super Junior members also came to the boot camp to see Leeteuk off. Nearly a thousand fans of Leeteuk also came to the place.

Leeteuk’s back pain worsened after he got into a car accident in 2007, but he constantly received hospital treatment and finally got to serve in the army as a full-time soldier.

On October 8, Leeteuk tweeted, “Every moment of my life is very valuable. Everything depends on how I think. If I’m sad, everything seems sad, and if I’m happy, everything seems happy. I’ll try to stay happy until I start my military service.”

Source: Starnews posted by eternalc2h@en.korea.com shared and reupload pic by misty@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com


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