[NEWS]12.07.14 A comedian wants to hire Super Junior’s Shindong: “He’s so funny”

Recently, Super Junior’s Shindong was hit by a folding fan of comedian Hong Hyun Hee.

In the episode of SBS’s comedy show Gag Tonight, Shindong who is busy giving performances of his new song makes an appearance in the segment called The Red by Hong Hyun Hee.

He was invited as the first guest of the segment, and his acting skills and vivid facial expressions attracted fans’ attention at once.

Hong Hyun Hee who led the segment highly praised him, “Shindong was just perfect in my show, and I was very surprised. If I could, I want to hire him as a special comedian.”

In order to portray her character, Hong was supposed to hit Shindong’s face with her fan, so she seemed to be worried about gaining some anti-fans. Shindong encouraged her, “It would’ve been a problem if it were some other member of Super Junior, but it’s okay with me. Fans will find it funny.”

Source : starnews ; posted by hannacha@en.korea.com ; shared here by misty@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com

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