[NEWS] 12.07.03 Kim Kibum cooks for Park Ye Jin on a TV series

Actor Kim Kibum recently showed off his talented cooking skills.

In the 11th episode of tvN’s I Love Lee Tae Ri, which aired on July 2, Kim (who plays the role of Hwang Min Soo) cooked for his lovely girlfriend Park Ye Jin (who plays the role of Lee Tae Ri) to have dinner with his fake brother and Lee’s best friend.

Park was excited to cook and she said, “Since your brother is coming, I will cook it myself.” However, Park looked like she has never cooked before, so Kim had to help her.

Even though he cooked a delicious meal, he made the audience laugh by cutting the cucumber into un-even slices.

People responded: “Kim is like a chef. He is a precious man.” “He is good at taking care of his lady.” “Chef Kim is born.” “I like Kim’s performances.”

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the 11th episode received 0.425 percent of the audience rating, which is a little higher than the 10th episode.

Source: TV Report ; posted by dkrogers@korea.com; shared here by fanny@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com

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