[NEWS]12.07.01 Month July, The Battle of “Comebacks”

The month July, is defenitly a blast as alot of popular artists are making a comeback, shaking up the whole music industry.

A few weeks ago, Super Junior announced that their member Kangin would return from military service, along with the news of him making a comeback with the rest of the Super Junior members this July! Since last week, Super Junior has been constantly releasing teasers for their comeback ”Sexy, Free & Single” making all fans and non fans anticipate their return. but that’s not all.

Powerhouse/vocals girlgroup 2NE1 also recently released news of their comeback! On the 25th of June, YG Entertainment suddenly dropped a bomb on the official ”YG-Life” blog where he released a teaser picture of CL with the caption ”Are You Ready?”. On the 26th. YG dropped another bomb releasing Park Bom‘s sexy elegant teaser followed by Dara with a dramatic hairstyle change and lastly Minzy! With these sexy, shocking teasers many expect 2NE1 to dominate the mainstream music industry with their fierce and catchy songs, like every comeback they make!

If you thought it was just these two, then you’re very wrong. Popular girlgroup T-ara is also said to be making a comeback in July! Dropping a very large eye-catching music video teaser, many anticipated the returs of the girls. Especially since they added two more members who appeared in the teaser for their music video ”Day By Day”. Many think they might even dominate the charts since they sure dominated with ”Roly Poly”.

Rising girlgroup SISTAR also recently released teaser’s for their July ”summer” comeback! Hyorin‘s teaser was released around the 22nd of June, followed by Dasom, Soyu and Bora, and finally group teasers we’re released for their ”Loving You” comeback! Many also anticipated this since SISTAR has been bringing catchy and fun songs, and there’s no suprise that this summer comeback would defenitly be their summer jam of 2012!

We thought these we’re just the comebacks, but don’t be mistaken. Hot boygroup Z:EA is also set for a comeback this summer! They’re set to begin regular two house activities with their album release which is set for a release in the first week of July. Along with Z:EA, rumours are that Cube Entertainments B2ST might also join the train of comebacks! Isn’t it just a fun summer?

It’s not just a comeback for groups though, solo artists will also join the battle! Younha is set to join the train of comebacks too! Plus members of popular groups are also set to make their debut like 2AM’s JoKwon and 2PM’s Wooyoung! To top it all of, ”Superstar K2” member(s) are also set to release some songs which makes this the most anticipated summer ever!

Just recently, the music industry got all shaken up with the Wonder Girls making their comeback with ”Like This” and anticipated girlgroup F(x) with ”Electric Shock” along with After School with their ”Flashback” comeback. Ofcourse, we must not forget the group that dominated the first half of 2012, Big Bang! Both ”Alive” and ”Still Alive” we’re a huge succes as they kept dominating charts for quite a while. Many commented that this summer will defenitly be a hot fierce summer. With all these comebacks, many wonder who could top it all since all the groups have been very well loved by the audience.

Source: Nate
Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom; taken from dkpopnews.net ; shared here by misty@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com


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