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[NEWS]21.06.21 ELFs in full support for Super Junior’s comeback

Excitement and anticipation now runs high among Super Junior fans worldwide.

As soon as the news of the group’s comeback album broke out, social media sites were immediately flooded with well-wishes and eager anticipation.

Comments such as “Can’t wait for SUJU!”, “Extremely excited for the new album!” “Welcome back, Super Junior!” and “Super Junior’s comeback is the most awaited among all groups!” were all over the fanpages of Super Junior, and even SM Town.

Also very noticeable were the fans’ love and support for Kangin, as they posted: “Kangin oppa, fighting!”, “Kangin is coming back, can’t wait!”, “Congratulations for Kangin!” After spending two years in the military, Kangin reunites with the group in the sixth album.

Fans have expressed their full support for Super Junior, by promising to download the album online, and to purchase records as soon as they become available in music stores.

‘Sexy, Free, & Single’, the group’s sixth album, will be available for download on July 1st. CDs will be available in store come July 4th.

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[NEWS]12.06.21Super Junior’s Kim Heechul is more beautiful than any other girl

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul recently ranked first among male entertainers as a man who is more beautiful than any other girl.

The male entertainers considered more beautiful than girls rankings were released online and drew a lot of attention.

Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong, Kim Hyun Joong, FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki, Infinite’s L, Jang Keun Suk, and SHINee’s Tae Min competed against each other.

As a result, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul was voted the most beautiful male entertainer who is prettier than girls.

People responded: “There are many male entertainers who are prettier than girls.” “Girls have to feel jealous about boys’ appearance?” “Kim Heechul is getting prettier.”

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[NEWS]12.06.21 Super Junior is to come out with a new album on July 1

On June 21, its agency, SM Entertainment told, “Super Junior is to pre-released the audios of the all songs from the sixth studio album, titled Sexy, Free & Single.”

The album will be out for the first time since the group’s fifth album, which was released in last August. That will have been about 11 months since the last album release. Having returning from the army last April, Gang In also confirmed to join the team. Gang In’s joining has been boosting fans’ expectations.

Last year, Super Junior hit it big by sweeping music charts in overseas as well as in Korea with is fifth album title song, “Mr. Simple.” The group also made a sensation as the album went Half Million—the group sold over five hundred thousand copies of the fifth album.

Starting from last November, the successful group went on a world tour titled Super Show 4, consisting of 24 concerts. The tour lasted six month in 10 different cities, including Seoul, Osaka, Singapore, Makao, attracting 400,000 fans.

Starting from June 21, Super Junior is to release a teaser image of the members one by one, prior to its new album release, with the kick-off of Eunhyuk’s.

The group’s sixth studio album will also be out in offline shops on July 4.

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[NEWS]12.06.20 Super Junior and SHINee meet a young American girl

Boy groups Super Junior and SHINee recently met Donica Sterling, a 15 year old terminally ill American from New York.

Donica visited SM Entertainment on June 20 and made her dreams come true by meeting SHINee in person.

Herbert Black, the Canadian president of American steel and metal company, sponsored her visit to Korea and her dreams came true on June 16. Even though she is suffering from an incurable disease, which contracts her muscles, she raises her hopes by listening to K-pop and she strongly wished to meet SHINee and Super Junior.

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[NEWS]12.06.22 Super Junior releases Donghae’s teaser for ‘Sexy, Free, and Single’ [2 Articles]

Super Junior has released a new image teaser for Sexy, Free and Single featuring none other than member Donghae.

On the morning of June 22nd, SM revealed the new teaser image of Donghae transformed into a beautiful man. Donghae’s teaser is the second in a series of teasers to be released by the group.

Donghae gives off a different aura here with a mysterious and dream-like charm, a white veil on his head while he wears a see-through black top. He looks almost like a bride in the picture. He was also recently cast for upcoming drama Miss Panda and Hedgehog.

Meanwhile, Super Junior will release Sexy, Free and Single online on July 1st through the different music sites and offline on July 4th.

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[NEWS]12.06.20 Super Junior releases Eunhyuk’s teaser photo for ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ [2 Articles]

Super Junior has unveiled their first teaser off their upcoming 6th album!

In addition to the announcement of the group coming back on July 1st, the first teaser featuring member Eunhyuk has been revealed!

SM Entertainment stated, “Super Junior will be releasing their official 6th album ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ on July 1st at midnight on music sites like MelOn, Genie, and Naver Music.”

As reported previously, this comeback will also include member Kangin, who has been on a hiatus for a while.

Stay tuned for the release of other teasers to come!

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