[NEWS]12.06.11 Super Junior’s Kim Ki Bum lets Park Ye Jin rest her head on his lap

Kim Ki Bum, who gains popularity with his pure image of a fourteen-year-old boy and the sexy charm of a twenty-five-year-old simultaneously, has been spotted becoming Park Ye Jin’s private “pet.”

In the episode of tvN’s I Love Italy that will be broadcast on June 11, Kim, as the lead actor, is seen in a romantic scene with Park Ye Jin, who plays an older, wealthier woman in the series. She is resting her head comfortably on his lap.

I Love Italy is a fantasy, romantic comedy TV series composed of 16 episodes; an innocent teenage boy, Keum Eung Dong (played by Kim Ki Bum) suddenly grows into a twenty-five-year-old adult and builds a fairytale-like love story for 100 days with the heiress of a wealthy family (played by Park Ye Jin). It all begins when Kim makes a random wish and sees himself turning 25 overnight. He later falls in love with Park Ye Jin, dubbed “ice princess,” who does not believe in true love after being betrayed by her first love.

In some still pictures that have been revealed, Kim Ki Bum’s character has become Park’s private secretary, performing his duties with responsibility. He provides his lap for her and turns book pages as if he had been transformed into a high-tech bookstand. Viewers are amazed at this scene in which he changes into a virtual “pet.”

In the meantime, Park keeps a straight face, like an ice princess who thinks this is no big deal for her. She reads the book apathetically, and the two contrasting moods inspire laughter.

Netizens who saw the pictures commented: “My last wish is that Kim will let me rest my head on his lap.” “He has become a pillow and a bookstand for Park. She must be having the best day of her life.” “Kim Ki Bum, I acknowledge you as a true cute pet.” “Kim Ki Bum and Park Ye Jin make a cute couple. Unconsciously, I’m wearing this smile on my face.”

Implying a growing relationship between Kim and Park, the tvN’s series builds more expectations among viewers. The episode will be broadcast at 11:00 p.m. on the 11th of June.

Source: Xportsnews ; posted by hannacha@en.korea.com; shared here by misty@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com


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