[NEWS]12.05.02 Super Junior, SNSD, and TVXQ appear on Joo Byung Jin Talk Concert

SM Entertainment artists, the ones who are leading the Korean wave, will appear on MBC TV’s Joo Byung Jin Talk Concert.

In the episode of Joo Byung Jin Talk Concert that will air on May 3, Super Junior, SNSD, and TVXQ will make a guest appearance.

According to the production team, Super Junior, SNSD, and TVXQ members introduced themselves one by one and talked about each other. TVXQ’s Yoon Ho introduced himself as “a charismatic, tough member of TVXQ” and said he liked to exercise. At this, Leeteuk got laughs saying, “I think Yoon Ho could be more successful as an athlete.”

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk told a personal anecdote about how he happened to drink for the first time in 27 years and his drinking habits.

It was reported that the set was full of laughs as the members revealed: “Yoon Ho is nosy and good at fighting,” “Eunhyuk has smelly feet.”

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