[VID/NEWS]12.04.30 Eunhyuk transforms into Marilyn Monroe at Incheon Airport

At 9AM KST fans gathered at the arrival lobby awaiting Super Junior’s arrival. First to come out were Siwon and Shindong, dressed in their regular airport fashion. They were followed by other members, including Sungmin who could not help but chuckle, knowing what was coming. As the members came out, they turned around with their cameras and phones, waiting for the appearance of Eunhyuk.

As the sliding doors parted, Eunhyuk appeared in a blonde wig and white dress, dawning the appearance of the late Marilyn Monroe. The fans screamed as the other members shouted for Eunhyuk to dance. Eunhyuk himself looked a embarrassed at one point, using his hands to cover his face. Even female airport workers could not help but crowd near the glass doors to have a look at Eunhyuk’s appearance.

Take a look at the videos below of the surprise airport event!



Source: @ryeong9 CR VID; & @YT ; written by Matty @koreaboo.com ; shared here by misty@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com


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