[NEWS]12.04.29 SuJu dazzles K-Pop enthusiasts at Ancol

Come to get you: : Korean boy band Super Junior mesmerizes thousands of fans with a stunning performance during a concert on Saturday.(JP/Wendra Ajistyatama)

South Korean group Super Junior, also known as SuJu, made Mata Elang International Stadium, Ancol, North Jakarta, its playground and had fun with thousands of fans on its Super Show 4 World Concert.

The three-day concert, that kicked off on April 27, provided audiences with visual delights, state-of-the-art lighting and stage designs plus the style of each member, especially Siwon, who took center stage.

The concert was opened with the nine members: Leeteuk, Yesung, Sungmin, Donghae, Siwon, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Ryewook and Kyuhyun in white, black and red outfits on a hydraulic stage, while the giant screen behind turned red and the introduction of the group’s song “Superman” ratcheted up the atmosphere.

There was one giant screen in the middle and two smaller screens on the right and left sides of the stage, designed so that the group could greet fans on all three levels of the venue. Some fans dressed themselves with sapphire blue accessories, including headbands with the name of their favorite band member inscribed on them, and light sticks.

Sapphire blue is the band’s official color, which is used for all its merchandise.

The fans screamed their lungs out endlessly during one of the most anticipated concerts of the year.

Even though the venue, with a maximum capacity of almost 10,000, was only three quarters full on the first day, it did not affect the mood of both the fans and the group.

Different sights were seen on the second day (Saturday) where thousands of fans stood in line in the afternoon even though the show was scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m.

After the fourth song they finally greeted fans with their typical greeting “Uri Super Juni…OR” (We are Super Juni…OR).

And as with their previous performance during Korean Music Idol, which was hosted in Indonesia last year, Leetuk greeted fans with “As-salamu Alaikum”, knowing that they were performing to the world’s biggest Muslim majority country.

After each member introduced themselves, Shindong said “hatur nuhun”, which means thank you in Sundanese, leaving some fans in awe. Some could not believe their ears and asked their friends to confirm what the singer had said.

After several songs, SuJu’s brother group EXO-M, a new group under SM Entertainment, finally performed with their debut songs “Mama” and “History”.

SuJu stole the limelight again by appearing in costumes of various famous figures; Sungmin turned himself into Marylin Monroe, Yesung as Chucky the evil doll, Siwon as Superman, Leetuk as Hulk Hogan and Kyuhyun as Steve Jobs.

They played around while singing and constantly greeted their fans.

Watching their performance generated the feeling that we were watching amusing friends on stage instead of mega artists.

After several solo performances of SuJu’s members, Shindong suddenly appeared and danced to an old song “Cinta Jangan Kau Pergi” (Love please don’t go) that was covered by one of Indonesia’s young and talented singers Vidi Alviano.

The concert finally ended with SuJu’s hits: “Sorry, Sorry”, “Miracle” and “Destiny”.

“Shindong’s dancing to “Cinta Jangan Kau Pergi” was absolutely the highlight of tonight’s concert,” said Karen, 14, one of the ELF (Everlasting Friends), SuJu’s fan base.

She said she was really satisfied with the group’s three and a half hour performance on their first day concert.

Sungmin also expressed his happiness at seeing the response to their concerts in Indonesia.

“They [Indonesian fans] are really responsive and are full of spirit,” he said in a press conference on Saturday.

Source : TheJakartaPost.com / written by Irawaty Wardany


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