[NEWS]12.04.28 ‘Hatur Nuhun’ says Suju’s Shindong

Apparently it was not only Super Junior’s front man Leetuk that had done his homework before performing in Indonesia, Shindong had also done the same and came up with a more traditional term ‘hatur nuhun’ (Sundanese language for thank you).

During the group’s first concert in Jakarta at the Mata Elang International Stadium on Friday night, front man Leetuk greeted Indonesian fans with Assalamu’alaikum, knowing that Indonesia is home to the world’s largest Muslim population and Shindong closed with hatur nuhun.

Some fans seemed surprised and could not believe their ears and even asked their friends to confirm if they had heard him correctly.

The group, better known as Suju, is in Jakarta for its three-day concert of the Super Show 4 World Tour from April 27-April 29.

Source news: TheJakartaPost.com by Irawaty Wardani


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