[INFO/Unconfirmed]12.04.16 One Way’s Peter and Sky Tease About Super Junior’s Comeback?

One Way’s Peter and Young Sky started teasing ELFs today with some news about Super Junior.

Peter is known for teasing fans about upcoming releases and collaborations and this time ELFs are the ones experiencing the casual hints.

He started saying:

On our way to SM to record them boys of SJ~ We love telling them what to do lol~ have we got a song for you!!!

Fans started asking about more details but he just kept giving short hints like:

Sky and i are gonna bust a new party anthem for SJ today~ they better be up for what’s ahead of them~^^

How can you not dance to this song better yet how can you not like this song? This song’s so bad ass~ but looks like y’all have to wait

In perfect time for summer~ this will be playing all thru summer~ (we hope)^^

He also answered to a fan that it will not be like “Mr. Simple”. It seems like it will be an upbeat song which will be released in summer. It has not been stated if this will be part of a Super Junior single or album or perhaps a new SM TOWN album, or if Kang In will be part of it now that he has ended his service.

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