[NEWS] 12.04.10 Hangeng lavishes praise on EXO-M

EXO-M made their official debut at the 12th Annual Billboard Music Festival where top Chinese artists were present. There, Han Geng, formerly of Super Junior and SM Entertainment, only had kind words to say of EXO-M.

He stated, “Today, EXO-M from EXO is at the festival. They’re really just a great group, and I’m really impressed by them already.” However, fans had mixed reactions for Han Geng’s statement, ranging from happiness that Han Geng praised EXO-M to disappointment that he would make a comment regarding a group from his former agency.

After initiating a lawsuit in 2009 against SM, Han Geng has enjoyed the benefits of having a solo career in China.

You know, I don’t see the harm of Han Geng praising EXO-M. He feels that they have potential, but you know, what else can he do? Fans definitely won’t be happy all the time.

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