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[NEWS] 12.04.03 Sulli’s April Fools’ prank with Heechul: “It was all planned”

Girl group f(x)‘s Sulli and idol group Super Junior‘s Heechul revealed the truth behind their April Fools’ prank.

On April 3rd, Sulli changed the title of the picture on her me2day to “Did you enjoy April Fool’s day? That was all planned with Heechul oppa.”

Heechul previously changed his SNS account name to “Sulli” and uploaded a picture of Sulli in her school uniform, which caused all sorts of speculation. He also wrote comments on KARA Jiyoung‘s page with the new name, pulling a very cute April Fool’s prank.

In the picture, Heechul has on a clean suit and is sipping on a drink at an outdoor cafe while looking off into the distance with his trademark cool, carefree expression.
Fans commented, “The prank was really enjoyable,” and “It’s nice to see the oppa & dongseng relationship between the two.”

Source + Image: Osen ; posted by: yksung@allkpop ; shared by fanny@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com

[NEWS] 12.04.03 Super Junior’s Eunhyuk smiles like Louis Armstrong in newest photo

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk once again displayed his silly sense of humor.

On April 3rd, Eunhyuk shared the photo above via his official Twitter page, causing his fans to explode in laughter.

His depiction of Louis Armstrong was spot on, and in between laughs his fans remarked, “Omg your facial expression is the same“, “So cute!”, “Identical twins!”, and more.

In related news, Eunhyuk along with the rest of his Super Junior members are headed to France to put on their independent concert in Paris.

Source & Image : Eunhyuk’s Twitter ; posted by: leesa86@allkpop ; shared by fanny@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com

[NEWS] 12.04.02 Shindong’s plastic surgery consultation for April Fool’s day

Super Junior‘s Shindong revealed a picture of himself with several doodles on his face.

Earlier today, Shindong tweeted, “Did you guys spend a good April Fool’s Day? I remembered the prank I pulled in 2009, so I uploaded the picture again! The truth is the eyelid surgery from here became real.. I want the nose, are there any sponsors?“, along with the above picture.

The picture showed drawings on his face similar to the ones patients get during a plastic surgery consultation. The pen marks indicating potential surgery areas made people laugh as well as feel a little bad for Shindong.

Netizens commented, “Your looks are the same even after 3 years“, “Plastic surgery handsome boy challenge?“, and “The eyelids make him handsome.

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[NEWS] 12.04.02 Leeteuk reassures fans that he will keep his cell phone number

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk has revealed that he will continue to use his cell phone number that he revealed on April Fools’ Day.

He tweeted on April 3rd, “I will be going off to the France concert! As it is our first solo concert, we will try to give our best performance! Ah! And I will continue to use that number! I will use it as a place for us to communicate. I will let you know if I terminate that number!”

Leeteuk had tweeted his real cell phone number as an April Fools’ Day event, which Heechul confirmed with a screenshot of Leeteuk’s cell phone, showing an influx of texts, calls, and KakaoTalk messages from curious fans checking to see if it was really Leeteuk’s number.

Did you try to contact Super Junior’s leader?

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