[NEWS] 12.04.01 We Got Married: Leeteuk wipes his wife’s tears and gives her a hug

Kang So Ra shed tears and her caring hubby wiped them cautiously.

On the episode of MBC’s We Got Married that aired on March 31, the onscreen couple, Leeteuk and Kang So Ra were seen filming a video letter for their mom.

Lee asks to his wife, “What your parents say about me?” “My mom enjoys watching Star King and Strong Heart, and she said you’re a good, playful emcee,” his significant other replied.

The cheerful guy suggested that they film a video letter for her mom and went on first. “Hello, mom. I’m your son-in-law, Leeteuk. I’m glad that you laugh while watching my programs. I’ll take good care of So Ra.”

Kang wept, slurring, “I’m sorry that I can hardly go home these days. I really miss you.” The caring hubby seemed to be a bit embarrassed by her tears, but wiped them cautiously, sitting next to her.

The starlet whined, “Why did you make me do this?” The thought hubby gave her an affectionate hug and the dimple couple made everyone envy the love birds.

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