[TWITTER] 12.03.27 Leeteuk’s twitter update

New iPad!!!^^ 아직 한국 출시 안된 귀한물건~!!빠르게 변화하는 세상속에 뒤쳐지지 말라며…주신 선물 고마워요!!http://pic.twitter.com/SEsYWXGD

New iPad!!!^^ A rare product which haven’t been released in Korea yet~!! Isn’t people says do not left behind in a rapidly changing world…Thanks for the gift!! http://pic.twitter.com/SEsYWXGD


100만돌파!!!!!우아…조만간100만 기념 사진 올려드릴게요^^

1 million (followers) breakthrough!!!!Wow…In a while I’ll upload a memorial photo of ‘1 million followers’^^


이때 나름..탄탄한했는데 ㅋㅋㅋ 프랑스 갔다와서 다시 만들어봐야지~~~^^ http://pic.twitter.com/3QA81KKI

This is my.. used-to-be strong muscles kekeke I should make it appear again when I go to Paris~~~^^

source: @special1004
translated by fanny@forsujuindo.wordpress.com

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