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[TWITTER] 12.03.27 Siwon’s twitter update

고마워요^^ 덕분에 주신음료만큼 시원하게 이겼어요^^ 중국가족들에 열정과사랑이란..^^ http://pic.twitter.com/4muVFVB5

Thank you^^ Thanks to you I got a cool win just like the drinks you guys gave it to me^^ These are the passion and love by China family members..^^ http://pic.twitter.com/4muVFVB5

source: @siwon407
translated by fanny@forsujuindo.wordpress.com

[TWITTER] 12.03.27 Heechul’s twitter update

Mirror http://twitpic.com/91y4mq

source: @Heedictator
translated by fanny@forsujuindo.wordpress.com

[TWITTER] 12.03.27 Leeteuk’s twitter update

New iPad!!!^^ 아직 한국 출시 안된 귀한물건~!!빠르게 변화하는 세상속에 뒤쳐지지 말라며…주신 선물 고마워요!!http://pic.twitter.com/SEsYWXGD

New iPad!!!^^ A rare product which haven’t been released in Korea yet~!! Isn’t people says do not left behind in a rapidly changing world…Thanks for the gift!! http://pic.twitter.com/SEsYWXGD

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[TWITTER] 12.03.27 Yesung’s twitter update

http://twitpic.com/91ob1t 팬페이지돌다가 갑작스런난입!! ㅎㅎ 잼있다 다들속고만살았나 ~~

http://twitpic.com/91ob1t A sudden invasion while I was browsing around the fanpage!! haha It’s fun (and I wonder) have you guys been living a life that getting cheated only ~~

source: @shfly3424
translated by fanny@forsujuindo.wordpress.com

[NEWS] 12.03.27 SNSD and Super Junior become stockholders of SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment, one of the biggest agencies in Korea and a listed company on the KOSDAQ, increases its capital by issuing new stocks to artists who belong to the company. Thereby, SM’s singers, including SNSD, Super Junior, and others become stockholders of the agency.

According to the e-public disclosure made by the Korean Financial Supervisory Service on March 26, SM Entertainment is to increase its capital of a billion won by issuing new stocks to artists who belong to the company, including Kang Ta, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(X), and others.

A total of 22,120 stocks are to be issued with a stock price of 44,550 won per stock. SM is to increase its capital by 978,810,000 won.

Most singers, including Kang Ta, BoA, and members of SNSD and Super Junior, are assigned 680 stocks each while members of SHINee and f(X) are assigned 340 stocks each.

SM announced, “We decided to issue new stocks to artist in order to strengthen the partnership between the company and the artists. With this stock issuing, the artists are encouraged to share SM’s visions and actively get involved with it.”

Source: Starnews  ; posted by : cloud2c2h@en.korea.com ; shared by fanny@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com