[NEWS] 12.03.25 Son Eun Seo says to Super Junior’s Donghae, “You’re cute”

Son Eun Seo liked Donghae (of Super Junior)’s pure looks.

In the episode of MBC TV’s We Got Married that aired on March 24, Donghae had a date with Son for the second time.

In the episode, the virtual couple Leeteuk and Kang Sora trained Donghae for manners and checked his style for him so that he could have a perfect date with Son.

After that, Donghae met Son at a classy restaurant and tried to entertain her by talking about things that were usually intriguing to girls.

Although Donghae couldn’t drink at all, he memorized all the difficult names of wine and tried them for Son as she was interested in wine.

Donghae made a mistake when pronouncing Château Nardou. However, this rather touched Son and she said to Donghae, “You’re cute.”

Donghae also broke the romantic mood as he coughed after he sipped the wine he ordered. However, Son burst into a laugh at this and they had a date in a friendly atmosphere.

Source: TV Report ; posted by : eternalc2h@en.korea.com ; shared by fanny@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com


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