[NEWS]12.03.20 Han Geng leaves the set, “Because of a folk dance?”

Han Geng recently became a controversial issue by leaving a set while shooting a show.

Chinese media outlets reported, “Han Geng left the set for Hunan Satellite TV channel’s Day Day Up while shooting, so the production crew had to stop recording the show.”

The production crew asked Han Geng to perform a folk dance and he refused to do it. Since his leg was injured, he couldn’t perform the folk dance properly. He refused to dance and left the set.

Then he came back to the set and apologized for his behavior. He said, “I respect Hunan Satellite TV. But, the staff members should respect entertainers too.”

People who heard the news responded: “Leaving the set was too much.” “That’s going too far, to say the least.” “It was rude to leave the set while shooting.”

However, other people responded: “I can understand why he left the set. The production crew was too harsh.” “Both Han Geng and the staff made a mistake.” “I don’t know if the show will air or not.”

CR: TV Report ; posted by dkrogers@en.korea.com ; shared by misty@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com


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