[NEWS/INTV]12.03.14 Super Junior Donghae’s photoshoot and interview for Elle Girl

Donghae of Super Junior recently held a photoshoot as well as an interview with Elle Girl magazine.  He showed his honesty and passion through his answers to the questions thrown his way.

Recently you had a project group with member Eunhyuk.  How was it to be on stage just the two of you?
It was great.  The song ‘Oppa Has Arrived‘ was a song made for concerts.  I wanted to do disco, and thus we made the song. The fans loved it so we made a project group and promoted it for about a month.

Guys seem to love being called oppa, do you feel the same?
Before I did not really care but now, I like it a lot.  Haha.

The number of Twitter followers you have recently topped 1 million.
There is not many things I can do for fans outside of making an album or going on shows.  That is why I tweet a lot so fans can know what I am up to.

You are now coupled up on the show ‘We Got Married.’  You seemed very nervous on the show, is that how you felt inside as well?
It was not an act.  It was the first time I ever went on a blind date so I was really nervous.

You seem to like feminine girls like Son Eun Seo.
Yes I like feminine girls.  It is not broadcast yet but we had another date and had fun.  On shows I don’t speak that much usually, but Eun Seo is also very quiet, so I tried to speak a lot more.

This year, the average age of Super Junior will be 27.5 years old.  You are now really adult idols.
When I see my friends they seem a lot older, but the hyungs in the group are not like that. Sungmin hyung is 28!  He still looks 23.  I am also 27 but I do not see myself as an adult.  I want to be a dongsaeng that still needs his hyung.  I want to keep having fun and playing.

What do you hope for this year?
First I want to finish our world tour, ‘Super Show4′, well, and then participate in movies or dramas.  I also want to send off Leeteuk hyung to the army.  Haha.

More pic can be found here

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