[NEWS] 12.03.08 Eunhyuk Wants To Be Ugly Like Lee Seung Gi?

Recently, on the March 6th episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart“, Super Junior member Shindong said that if he could trade places with anyone for an entire day, he would choose fellow member Eunhyuk. When asked to elaborate, he remarked “I want to know what it’s like to be ugly like Eunhyuk.” To add to this statement, he also mention how Eunhyuk is generallly the one voted as the worst looking member.

Eunhyuk turned around and chose Lee Seung Gi as the perosn he’d trade with. Why, you ask? He used the same reason as Shindong and said he wanted to be ugly for a day.

In response to Eunhyuk’s fail of a joke, Seung Gi stated that he would also like to be Eunhyuk for a day. “I’m envious of his dance skills,” the singer admitted. “But I will have to decline looking like him,” he then added, causing the set to erupt into laughter.

Taken from Ningin.com (by Alexandria Faust) ; shared by fanny@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com

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