[NEWS/VID]12.03.01 A missile falls on Super Junior’s Leeteuk: Check out “Leeteuk Missile” video!


Super Junior’s Shindong has created a stir among fans with a video titled “Leeteuk Missile.”

On March 1 at around 5:00 p.m., Shindong tweeted a video with the comment “Leeteuk Missile lol.”

In this so-called “Leeteuk Missile” clip, Leeteuk makes an appearance as he runs down to a door shouting, “Where, where, where~”

At that very instant, a missile flies targeting Leeteuk and he disappears from the scene. The place is immediately caught up in a big fire, and Leeteuk has obviously vanished.

Netizens who saw the “Leeteuk Missile” gave reactions like: “Great piece of video. I wonder how on earth they’ve managed to make such a CG effect.” “That’s a perfect collaboration work between the one who took it and the other who uploaded it.” “Leeteuk is really good at acting. It gave me a good laugh.” “I’m a bit worried cuz someone might imitate him.”

Source: TV Report ; posted by hannacha @en.korea.com ; shared by misty@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com


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