[Vid/Special Footage] ASIANISM Ep.105 : Maxim Colors 1 Day : Donghae’s Diary at Scala

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    Trans (Donghae’s part)
    Mc- Please say hello to ELF
    D-Sawasdee krup I am Lee Donghae. I miss (you) so much.

    Mc- U didn’t see Thai ELF for more than a year, how do u miss them?
    D- I miss Thai ELF so much, not only me but all SJ members ask me to tell u they miss u too. I also notice that u all look more beautiful. I’m looking for a girlfriend, who will be my ideal girl? When I walked in I saw beautiful ELF in the back rows seats.

    Mc- Thai ELF love to hear u say they are beautiful.
    D- Beautiful.

    Mc- Just this will make Thai ELF feel good all night. Now can u tell us how special the Maxim colors one day contact lens.
    D- Since I’m in Thailand I’ve been wearing Maxim colors one day contact lens all the time even now. They are comfortable, no irritation and the lenses are thinner and beautiful, no residue and no need for soaking in chemical everytime u wear so easy to use.

    Mc- Donghae is wearing blue contact lens.
    D- Maxim colors can be worn all day. Leisure time, working or playing sports. I will waer blue ones only when I see ELF.

    Mc- The event today is Donghae’s diary. Can u think back and tell us one happiest moment in your life?
    D- I have been very happy since the day I debute with Sj up until now.

    Mc- ELF all over the world voted for sj to have a show in the Olympic at London…How do u feel?
    D- As ELF’s Sj I promise if we can go to London we will perform in full force to show Sj power for everyone to see. Not only in London but everywhere we go we will show Sj’s potential. To show everyone that this is ELF’s Super Junior!

    (After the games+Birthday)

    Mc- ELF are u satisfied with the rewards and gifts?
    D- Myself being here is not enough for you? The gifts are more important? Meeting each other like this is not enough? I never ask anything from ELF.

    In this Thailand trip I’ve been taking Polaroid photos all the time. Always carry camera. Anyone saw me with camera? I took all these photos by myself and put them in the diary and wrote memoirs since the first day I arrived. I would like the Lucky ELF to continue write in this diary after me.
    And I wish you to find good stories in this year of 2012.

    I would like to thanks Maxim contact lens for giving me chance to be close to my ELF. Thank you Maxim’s team for your hospitality. And don’t forget that this March I will be back with Super Junior Super Show 4.
    I would like to be presenter of Maxim contact lens in the future so I can often come to see my ELF. If ELF ok I will continue to be presenter of Maxim

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